Ghostrider-Knotts Berry Farm

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It usually has a rehab just prior to the park's Winter Solace event in March and again just prior to Haunt, in mid-September.
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Riding Ghostie almost exclusively at Solace has left me with really good impressions of the ride. Aggressive, relatively smooth, and a nice long ride. Nostalgia and setting factors aside (hard for me to do), it's arguably the best woodie in CA. Although SCBB is a mighty fine ride. :)
Of course Knott's is part of the greater Los Angeles area. And Moosh is right, it's the best wood coaster in the area. I only rode it on one occasion in June 2004 but found it to be an excellent ride. I'm not sure what it's like when it starts to need work but it's near the top of my list because of those rides.
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Mamoosh said:
It usually has a rehab just prior to the park's Winter Solace event in March and again just prior to Haunt, in mid-September.

Which means I have nothing but positive impressions of it :) My three visits to the park were 1) early enough when it was good all the time 2) Haunt 3) Solace.

Certain victory.

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Yup. Spring is a good time to ride. :)

I guess I've always ridden after rehabs. Good stuff.

Ooooh. And now cali is going to get another woodie in a coupla years so long as the 49ers don't try to snatch the park. ;)

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Rode Ghostrider last July; beat the hell out of me. The west is in such dire need of good woodies, breaks my heart when a superstar like Ghostrider isn't maintained. And the rumours of Colossus being torn down just makes matters worse. Good wood in the west is hard to come by these days. That just leaves the Giant Dippers, Tremours, Roar, and the Coaster in Vancouver.
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Ghostrider, along with Gwazi, Belmont Dipper and Kemah Boardwalk, must be the most-operated wood coasters in the US. Ghostrider is operated daily except for two 2-week periods for routine maintenance.
I was thinking that when I wrote my last post. Those rides (along with Dania Beach's Hurricane) get a lot of use and are going to wear more frequently, so it makes sense there is a lot more "up and down" when it comes to ride quality.
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The guys seem to like Ghostrider. I honestly dislike it. It's not my thing. It's fast but it's too rough for my tastes. Everyone who knows me well knows how PICKY I am about the woods. :)

On the other hand since I don't get out to SoCal much I always give it a ride just to be fair. :) It's one of the FEW rides I am sometimes willing to reride again after the first horrible experience just to see if it's improved. For anyone who loves Ghostrider, the more power to them! I respect it, but I would MUCH rather spend my time on Xcel and Monty. :P You guys can have Ghostrider. :)


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Rob Ascough said:
Of course Knott's is part of the greater Los Angeles area.

No, it's not. I'll type it again, it's located in the city of Buena Park which is part of Orange County.

The Greater Los Angeles County area does not incorporate any part of Orange County, vice versa. They're separate.

Knott's Berry Farm and Disneyland Resort are in Orange County. Universal Studios Hollywood is in Los Angeles County. Six Flags Magic Mountain is in an unincorporated area a few miles on the outskirts north of where the Los Angeles County line ends.

How close of a drive Knott's is to southermost border of Los Angeles County is a completely different matter and issue. :)

Ghostrider is my third favorite after Voyage and Renegade. I rate Ghostrider above Raven, Beast, Viper, Shivering Timbers, Cornball Express, and Lightning Racer. I really did not like Legend or Georgia Cyclone.

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