Ghost Town Silver Bullet

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What was it? All I know is that it was on the side of a hill at GTitS and it had blue supports. But that support has always puzzled me as to what the ride could have been.

Thanks for the help!

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Am I the only one that giggled at GTitS? lol
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Apparentley it was a small custom built steel coaster that featured a water splash. (I know, not too specific, but I'm sure someone else here could elaborate) The park removed it before it actually opened because "they thought it would kill someone".

I find it interesting that Ghost Town designed and built the ride in-house. This was back in the park's heyday, before Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg took over most of the tourism in the Smokies.

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FYI, from what I've heard the water splash was part of the ride's "braking system."
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^ Sounds safe! ;)
On one of the test runs, the car went through a splash pool, hit a turn and busted right through the track flying off into oblivion. This is a quote that came directly from the park owner through a recent conversation. After that incident, they never touched the ride again and even left it sitting there for several years before dismantling it.

It was actually going to be sponsored by Coors, hence the name "Silver Bullet".

The Red Devil was built on practically the same footprint as the Silver Bullet.

Does anyone have any pictures of it?
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^I was going to ask the same thing. lol. So SB was going to have a loop also?

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