Ghost Town In The Sky REOPENING

Everyone always seems so giddy about this place... am I the only one who thought it was the biggest dump? Workers smoking while on the job, junky midway (not the ghosttown part - the rides part), folding chairs just laying on the floor in their "theatre".... maybe I went on a bad day but the place sure did not get the thumbs up from anyone in our trip.

Maybe it reopens and will be much different and cleaned up because the park's location and views were amazing and it could really be a great park. Just take a look at this picture:

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I have never been to this park, but with a lot of other parks closing it is nice to hear about one that is trying to re-open. Even if it wasn't the best experience, that could hopefully change! I'm wishing them the best of luck!
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I haven't been there either, but the new owners seem to have really optimistic plans for this park, beginning with a $4 million refurb. If it was a dump before, doesn't seem like it will be in the future if they do it up right. No info about Red Devil in the article, but I wouldn't be surprised if it was removed. Hopefully not, as I've always been fascinated by it, but I wouldn't be surprised.
I don't see it being removed, it seems like a "star attraction", why would they remove it? I'm glad to see places like this get a turn around as well, and wish them luck. *** Edited 8/16/2006 3:00:27 PM UTC by P18***
Glad to see the place reopening and getting a second shot at life. Sounds like they have put an exprienced team together. Wish them all the best and will visit on the way to Mrytle Beach next summer. If they are interested in picking up some classic rides, then the auction this fall(Oct) of Erieview Park would be a great place to start. Could you imagine Flyers set near the side of the mountain! Would be awesome flying out over the side! Here is a link to a site from about 3 or 4 years ago. Interesting info.

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Considering Lesourdsville needed 3 million to reopen after only two years closure, 4 million may repaint the park.

However if they can come up with a successful formula to draw some of the areas 40 million tourist per year and keep them comming back and telling people aobut a a possitive experieence with it. I hope it does well.

Chuck, who sees wooden coaster as the first thing a Ghost Town needs.

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P18, just thinking out loud. Maybe I was assuming it was in poorer condition than it is. I didn't realize it was running just last year, according to those pics.

Speaking of those pics, the park does NOT look like a dump to me. Looks like it's got some very nice old-school charm.

Ghost Town In The Sky is far from a dump! It's a wonderful park, and a very nice break from the norm. I can't wait for the rebirth. I'm So Happy Rite Now!

Charles Nungester said:
Chuck, who sees wooden coaster as the first thing a Ghost Town needs.

That's a shocking statement coming from you Chuck! :)


North Carolina needs more amusement parks! Its great to see Ghost Town preparing to reopen again.

What I would like to see someday is a mid-sized amusement and waterpark combination in the area between the Triangle and Triad. It could be near I-40 somewhere between Durham and Burlington. The idea here is to have a park that is more laid back and more traditional than PKD, PCar, or BGE, easier to get to for the locals, and more affordable.

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Hopefully they'll look to Beech Bend for some "helpful hints"... ;)

bill, currently mapquesting from Washington NC (family) to Maggie Valley...

Doesn't look too far gone too me.

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This park seems to have a lot of potential. The chairlift reminds me a lot of the sky ride at Indiana Beach. In fact, the whole place seems like a cross between Indiana Beach and Ober Gatlinburg. It would be fantastic to clean it up and reopen it and shortly down the road get a woodie to take advantage of the terrain!

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When's opening day? I'm so there.
count me in the positive category, this is great!!! i agree with the earlier post, its nice to see a closed park reopening for a change! i wish these guys the best of luck, and i will definitely hit the park up next season, Red Devil or not:) awesome!!!!:)
Forget night about fog rides!!

Nice little terrain coaster.

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