Ghost Town In The Sky 7/13/08 (Day 2)

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- Day started with rain, but turned very nice by early afternoon.

- Before heading to Ghost Town we swung by Cherokee Fun Park again. As far as I can tell, the park is no longer operating. They weren't open and this time we pulled in and I snapped some pics. There was a sign taped to the door that read, "No operational equipment included in lease" - seemed to me like they're not in business anymore even though the park looks like it could be operating.

- The chair lift from the entrance of Ghost Town to the actual park is insane. I don't know how anyone takes the van. How can you pass that up?

- Once you get off the chairlift, you get on a tram to go even higher up to the main part of the park!

- Still no Cliffhanger. :(

- Paratrooper :)

- The freefall ride at the top of the mountain is on par with the experience of the freefall on top of the Stratosphere. So...far...up...

- Not really a ride park. There are some rides, but there's a lot more to do than that. The shops, the shows, the whole 'old west' thing that's happening there. We blew 5 hours or so pretty easily just hanging out and taking it slow.

- The hourly live action gun show on Main Street is outstanding. Entertaining, fun and up-close. I wish we'd have gotten to see more of them because as I understood it each hourly show is different. Wonderful characters and equally wonderful people playing them.

- My son (previously no indication of interest in the old west at all) demanded he get a gun and holster and wore it around the park 'shooting' everything in sight. He really got caught up in the park and I think might just have a new interest.

- Ridiculously friendly staff. Like to the point where it almost backfired because they wouldn't leave you alone for a minute.

- More Pepsi products :(

- Just about everything else :)

- Bring today's tickets back to the booth when you leave and get free tickets for the fall. We did. Turns out they're good for September or October. That view in the fall must be downright breathtaking.

- I know this seems lame and short, but I can't really put it into words. We had fun. Despite only having a few rides (and their major coaster down) we still spent the entire afternoon there, raved about it in the car and felt it was totally worth it.

Fun Facts:

* Ghost Town is on the top of Buck Mountain on the edge of the Blue Ridge Mountains with an elevation of 4600 feet.

* There are over 40 replica buildings that complete the authentic 1880's western town.

* The two-seat chair lift that takes you to the top of Buck Mountain moves at a rate of 310 feet per minute and scales a 3370 foot course.

- That's all I got. What a great little diversion located not-quite-halfway between Dollywood and Carowinds. Good stuff.

It sounds terrific. Makes me pine for the old Gun Town Mountain. Not that I think it could compare to Ghost Town, but it was that kind of a place.

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Sounds kind of awesome.

glad someone visited. Sure doesn't seem to get visited much from the coaster crowd, Maybe because the coasters not open. LOL

I hope this park does well. Well enough to build a TGG or GCII coaster on that mountain!

Sounds like a hoot. Next time we go down, we'll put this on our itinerary.

Did you manage to hit the aquarium? That's the one Ripley's attraction that I've always liked. It's surprisingly good.

Ghost Town is one of those smaller, "unknown" parks that has always intrigued me. It definitely doesn't look like a "rides" park but I can tell I'd really enjoy myself. Too bad the Cliffhanger still isn't operating. I wonder what's going on? Wasn't the new train delivered and tested a long time ago?
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Yeah, GTITS is definitely the kind of park that the Ensign Smiths and Rob Ascoughs of the world would find great pleasure in...I think. ;)

Didn't do Ripley's aquarium, Brian. But we're in Myrtle Beach now with more time than things to do, so it's on the list of possibilities here.

^^Where's the Day 4 TR?!?

Btw, are either SFOG or Dollywood making your tour??

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Lord Gonchar said:

Heehee. ;)

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tigellinus said:
^^Where's the Day 4 TR?!?

Didn't do any park or ride stuff on day 4. Still haven't even headed out for day 5 yet.

Btw, are either SFOG or Dollywood making your tour??


^^So!?! Do a TR anyway and tell us about the Taco Bell lunch on I-95, or if you played any "video games" in Myrtle Beach!?

Ok, I'm just kidding on all that, but I am anticipating your take on HRP, especially your view of the business/industry viability of it, and what they're doing right and rose-colored of a view as that might be! ;)

Lord Gonchar said: Yeah, GTITS is definitely the kind of park that the Ensign Smiths and Rob Ascoughs of the world would find great pleasure in...I think. ;)

Think I'll see if Rob wants to start a band with me. We'll call ourselves the "Charmlanders".

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GTITS is definitely the kind of park that the Ensign Smiths and Rob Ascoughs of the world would find great pleasure in...I think.

(AHEM!) Hello.......? ;)

Moosh, you can be our lead singer. ;)

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Better hit up Dagwoods for lunch and The Gay Dolphin for the hell of it!

No I don't have a kid, but I still want to ride!

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The Gay Dolphin was everything I expected.

I thought you could take an incline railway up as well as the chairlift. Last I heard, you could do the chairlift, van, or incline railway. Did they take that out? Goo tr.

John Moore

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The incline wasn't running and looked as if it hasn't for quite some time.

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I always love reading your TR's, Gonch. :) The Gay Dolphin was the one store that I actually spent some time in. Very cool!

Ghost Town was on the "list" but I had no time. Looks like I missed out!


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