Getting hot with some n00b's at CP, 08/16/2009

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Some friends and I, eight in all, decided to hit up the Point this summer. Four of them were CP virgins, another hadn't been there since Millennium was installed, three of us are CP veterans. Against my advise, they scheduled the trip for a Sunday in August. Oh well, I was with friends, none of us were there to power ride. Good thing, too.

It was freakin' HOT, it was crowded, we got sunburned, we were dehydrated, but had one of the best days there that I can remember. Maybe that was because we slowed down and just enjoyed being in the park.

We had a couple of those "virgin" moments that you always remember. Coming around the bend on the causeway and seeing the coasters for the first time, Trix said "Holy crap are they big!" Trix was never on a steel coaster. Kate was a total coaster virgin, never on any coaster in her life, and she's 22 years old. A couple in our group wanted to put her on Raptor first, I'm glad she listened to me and chose Iron Dragon as her first ride. We left the station, hit the lift and she screamed. I'm like, "what's wrong?" Kate yelled, "You didn't tell me we had to go UP first!" Priceless...second time in the day that I had a stitch in my side from laughing. Overall, the n00b's did well, their second coaster was Millennium, they only wimped on TTD and Raptor.

Other than that, you won't hear much from me other than a few observations and a few minor nit-piks.

Air conditioning in Disaster Transport? I promised everyone a break from the heat, didn't happen. I actually started getting sick from the lack of air in the building. What happened? Anyways, these guys loved that ride.

The midway vendors lost a lot of money from us. We were all willing to spend for cold bottles of water, but we kept getting told that they had just put the water on ice and it was still warm. This was in several locations. The vending machines were not much better, showing temps in the 50's. I can get that from a fountain, that's what we mostly did.

Maverick ops were a bit of a downer...trains stacking, mostly it seems from empty seats. They wouldn't dispatch with empty seats. When it was our turn, we were in train 2, but train 1 was empty in row 2. Ride host was a bit obnoxious, saying it wouldn't leave the station with an empty row, look at the line...its too long for that. We could sit there all day, didn't matter to him, they got paid the same no matter how long we sat there. Just rude sounding. Several others commented about this. Just dispatch the train, you're the one holding up the lines by keeping the trains parked...Jeez.

Good things should be noted, too.

We did not encounter any line jumpers, not one. Very nice crowd today, especially for how busy the park was. Everything was relatively clean and fresh looking, not what I expected this late in the season. The new fountain was so cool, lots of kids and parents enjoying it. I don't know why, but I love the gourmet pretzels. Always my food of choice at CP. Thunder Canyon was worth its weight in gold today and was enjoyed by all in my group a few times. Even did Snake River Falls. (CP...if this ride is staying, please paint its undercarriage.)

Was walking up the midway near Gemini, explaining to my buddy about the flat area near the turnaround being a block brake and what it was used for, just mentioned trains stopping there and in the old days sometimes the ride ops needed to give the trains a push to get them moving again. Just then, my buddy says, "Like that?" Sure enough, we watched the blue train stop on the brake, we heard the air release, and the train just sat there. Pretty soon a ride op ran to the structure below the train, back to the station, then a minute or so later, up the stairs to the stuck train. Didn't stick around to hear what happened, it was making my buddy nervous knowing the train was stuck up there, him being afraid of heights and me trying to get him on Magnum.

Speaking of Magnum...Millie, you know how I feel about you, but every time I take Magnum for a spin, it reminds me that it is still my first and true love amongst the coasters. Even my buddy agreed, Magnum just has that special something, maybe character is the word.

All coasters were running great, two rides on Raptor where the midcourse never grabbed, we hauled through the helix. Avoided Mantis this trip. TTD may be a one trick pony, but what a trick it is. Still no rollback for me. :(

Everyone in my group tired out by 8:00, except for me. What's up with these young pups. I'm old enough to be the dad of everyone I was with today and they can't keep up! So, I didn't get to witness Starlight Experience and the trail lit up at night.

I still think Cedar Point is giving away the gate, and with the little I spent on food, drinks, and a new coffee mug, I feel like I got a total bargain on my day. Hey, I had so much fun that I forgot to even ride the train to check out the happenings on Millennium Island.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Hope you enjoy your visit as much as I did.

OH! And an apology to Tony. I was updating Twitter a few times that day. Didn't know that starting an update with @CedarPoint sent a direct message to Cedar Point. I thought you needed to have a 'D' in front of the post to do that. Sorry, Tony. LOL

edited to add comment on missing Starlight

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Good TR. Cedar Point on Sundays this time of year are still brutal. We were there the Sunday before you and the crowd levels were the same. It's hard to believe that even with school drawing close that crowds can still be that crazy. At least it won't be anywhere near as bad a month from now unless you're going on Saturdays.

The gourmet pretzels are the only item we've purchased inside in CP this year in three visits. They're soft, buttery, and not too salty, and it's the only pretzel I like more than Auntie Anne's! Good stuff!

It is always a treat to go to that park with someone who has not been there in many years. The look on their face when they see the big stuff is great. Nice report.

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