Gerstlauer launch-coaster for Denmark

"Lynet" will be a new Gerstlauer launch coaster for 2008.
Lots of infos and video here:

Interesting layout, six seater cars, a smallish top-hat, one corkscrew and a very good looking banked turn. Quite a lot for a launch coaster!

The small family park is also home to Falken, a S&S Woodie.

The return of the Hairpin Dive! :)
Quite a unique intro to a Corkscrew. (Another one of these elements that is hard to define.. not really an airtime hill, but not really a Stengel Dive either).

The engineers really seem to have had some fun designing this.

airtime for everyone
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This is fairly reminiscent of the Zierer launch Wicked. Slightly longer, with an additional inversion, and with different seating arrangement.

LOL - then again, maybe they're not THAT similar after all... ;)

It looks it slowly meanders like the outdoor section of Mystery Mine.
Looks great (and better than the Euro-Fighters Gerstlauer has built so far IMHO)!

Is it just me or why are a lot of the newer steel coasters being built with only one car trains? Does Farup not warrant a higher capacity ride?

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For the size, single car trains mean you can do a lot more with the layout as it slows down because you don't have to account for the difference in forces from the front of a long train to the back of a long train. Single cars (or very short trains) make things like the halfpipe turns on Mystery Mine and Wicked, or the pre-cork hill-thing on this possible AND comfortable.

Sure, you lose capacity, but a park like Fårup probably doesn't attract enough people in the first place to warrant a bigger, more expensive, higher-capacity ride in the first place, or else they'd probably have bought one!


There are parks who've bought single car coasters (Fuji-Q in Japan for example) which never should have. It gets huge crowds, so I'd like to hear from someone who actually visits Farup on a regular basis about their crowds and if Lynet could have capacity issues.

I survived a Japanese typhoon and the Togo flat ride of death!!!!!!
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It seems Lynet will be the highest capacity coaster at Fårup Sommerland. Non-issue in my opinion.
The park is a nice family holiday park with lots of "active" attractions like speedboating, play-areas and a waterpark.

This will be their fourth coaster and according to their site has a capacity of 960 pph. (Falken is listed as 800 pph).

The ride has two block brakes after the launch and with the very open trains and lapbars it could be loaded/unloaded very fast.

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Just to clarify, since it is a little confusing. The park already HAS a coaster named Lynet (lightning). It's a powered coaster -

This one is going to be called Fårup Lynet - I guess that's no worse than having B&R-TC along with a B:TR. ;)

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