Gerstlauer exec testifies that Six Flags "only one to blame" in 2013 New Texas Giant death

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The head of the German company that designed and made the train cars used on the New Texas Giant roller coaster at Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington has blamed the death of a Dallas woman last summer on the amusement park and ride operators.

Read more from The Star-Telegram.

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Way to offend one of your largest customers...

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This is all I can picture when it comes to this situation.

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I keep thinking there's no good way for Gerstlauer to play this. If they blame Six Flags, they lose a gigantic chunk of potential clients. If they don't, they look incompetent and unsafe. The weird thing is, looking incompetent and unsafe never really seemed to slow Intamin down.

That said, I can't imagine a situation in which Gerstlauer does not assume at least some of the responsibility here. If the trains were not modified and the light was green, that's a design flaw, not an operational one. Or is there some sort of disclaimer in the operations manual that says, "The green light only checks one aspect of lap bar function. Operators should additionally visually and physically check each lap bar to make sure they are properly restraining the rider?"

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To the best of my knowledge/recollection, Gerstlauer is sticking to the "we installed seatbelt anchors on the train, SF failed to install the actual belts" argument. Frankly, while that certainly doesn't completely absolve Gerstlauer in *my* mind, I certainly like their position as opposed to SF's having the guest express serious safety concerns and then dispatching anyway.

I think SF and Gerstlauer are about as friendly right now as HFEC and Huss...

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Huss doesn't even exist anymore, does it? I thought there was just a holding company with their IP at this point, up for licensing or something. Maybe I'm thinking of someone else.

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Not sure, but I'll NEVER forget the sign outside of Dollywood's Topple Tower, calling out Huss by name and stating there were lawsuits....

Really, it fit the theming of Dollywood, having all that (dirty) laundry out airing in the sunshine...

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I dunno... that seemed a little weird to me. Guests don't care. I think my impression would have been, "Way to pass the buck."

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The sign should've read:

"It's a durned shame, but this attraction is experiencin' some mighty troublesome difficulties and we're not sure who's gonna take the blame. By the way, this here ride was built for us by Huss Somebody er 'Nother.... Bless their little hearts, anyway...."

I just read that in Sandy Cheeck's voice. Not on purpose, it just happened and it toatally fit.

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