Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter Announced for The Park at MOA!

The long rumored new coaster for The Park at MOA has finally been announced. It is projected to open in 2008, probably at a similar time of year to Twister's opening. This is great news for the park, and the phase II news is GREAT news for the mall in general. Overall, very exciting times. *** Edited 11/28/2006 2:14:52 AM UTC by CoasterCameron***

That sounds like a addition that will draw in alot more crowds!

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The park sure could use that since the name change.
My jerkass brother moves to Denver from MN and they get Renegade and then this. Thanks! Elitch Gardens here I come...woohoo! ;)

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I wonder where they will put it -- or if this will be a replacement of Ripsaw and some other rides.
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It's too bad the park is in the middle of the mall. It's sort of the ultimate land-locked situation.

They should resuce Thriller/Zonga and be like the real mega mall up in Canada. ;)

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From the animations the news has shown, it looks like it will be going right where the Mystery Mine Ride currently is.
I'm going to have to put off a MN trip a little longer now.
The Mystery Mine Ride is on the way out! Oh that stinks. For about ten years my family and I would allways hit up Camp Snoopy for New Years Night, it was unlimited rides (going back to when they didnt sell that normally) from 8-2 (then 1 then 12) and two fireworks shows (later 1.) I logged so many rides on that thing its not funny. However, by all means take this out before the Ripsaw, that ride has a special place in my heart (is probably still my most ridden coaster although LNM, Yankee Cannonball and Magnum could be too)

Anyways I think its halarious that the mall management scoffs at CF's demands for a new coaster, fires CF, loses Snoopy then builds the new coaster. Its will definatly be a great addition,

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That isn't exactly what happened with CF, just so you know.

This will be a great addition, the Mine Ride has lost its appeal for most, and is showing its age.

^I realize there were other factors involved and I also agree that the Mine Ride has lost its appeal, mostly because the park doesnt invest in new films. Also dont think for a minute Im not happy with this addition, I just wish there was a way for that park to expand without taking something out.

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By taking out the Mine Ride that will free up a lot of space. I wonder if they will also remove the Antique Photos and whatever they call that Baby Sitting area there as well so they can use all of that area up and above the Sally Corp ride.
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Pretty sure this had *everything* to do with the recent buy-out and clarification of the ownership situation. The two (Ghermezian?) brothers seemed exceptionally interested in expansion of the mall *and* the Park....and now that the more intransigent owners are out of the way, looks like expansion-time is under way...

edit: Quick search returned that it took all of THREE (!) weeks from the time of the sale until this was announced...that's pretty fast, no? ;)

Is there a way to wager on stuff like this....cause this expansion was a SURE-FIRE bet..LOL!

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I can't wait to "shop 'til I dropppppp". ;)

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