Geauga Lake/Wildwater Kingdom July 10th

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Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom Sunday July 10th

My kids and I decided to head up to GL so they could check it out. They were GL virgins. Never stepped foot in the park before, not even when it was SFWOA. I was more excited at our plans of spending the latter part of the day at WWK then I was riding the rides!
Discount tiks for them through my work were only $20.00/piece. Quite the difference from the the discount CP tiks!

When we were on Aurora Rd my oldest asked if I remembered to pack their towels. Ah, no, why? Because neither one of them took towels thinking "Mom will bring them" Well, Mom assumed they’d remember to pack their own. My oldest said "its ok Mom, we can just buy a couple of them at the park." Right!! So we headed to WalMart where we picked up 2 huge beach towels ($7.00 a piece!!)

When we 1st arrived at GL, 1 would think looking at the parking lot the park was packed but I think it is the (bad) design of the lot that gives that impression. Most people headed right to WWK, leaving the ride side pretty empty. My kids admitted to me they anticipated dreadfully long lines for the rides and were happy to see they were wrong.
Riding the rides with my kids was so much fun. They both LOVED Dominator (knew they would since they loved Medusa at SFGrtAdv!) we rode that 5x. Their 2nd fav was TBD and they both really liked RWB. They said Villain was INSANE (yes, it was!! :)) My youngest did most of the spin and pukes while we watched. She is "Ms Lead Tummy" so imagine my surprise when after we rode X-Flight she said she felt sick!

We spent alot of time just walking around the park so they could look around. We walked over to WWK to see the "Dino II" show (we had seen the "Dino I " show in 2001 at the aforementioned park)
My youngest got so excited when she saw WWK, said she couldn’t wait till we headed back there. Although not one for water parks, I was actually excited too, none of us could wait to ride Liquid Lightning.

After a few hours of riding (and riding again) and walking around, we took our lunch break. OMG that walk from the car to their picnic area could kill a person. I think it only gives the illusion it is so far away because we always park so close to the one at CP-the walk doesn’t seem so far. But when you’ve got a cooler (without wheels) and tons of food and ice, it seems an eternity. Our lunch break was wonderful (and free! ;)) We hiked back to the car, got all our WWK stuff and headed back into the park. We stopped on the floating bridge to feed to carp and ducks some cheese puffs and bread, then off to WWK.

After a successful recliner search, we headed to the Lazy River thing. Despite tons of people, no prob finding tubes, and everything keeps moving. This was probably the funniest thing when the kids watched when I tried to get out of the tube and it flipped and I went under the water. My oldest came to my "rescue" and I had to stand there for quite a while laughing hysterically. :) Later on my youngest got a kick out of pushing me into the various waterfalls along the way.

Turns out the longest wait of the day would be for "Liquid Lightning" this wait was 30 minutes but it was SOO worth it! It was SOO much fun! More fun to ride than it is to watch! You can NOT pass this ride up! The only downfall we could find in WWK is watch the light brown walk ways..they get HOT!

We hung out at WWK for 4 hours before deciding it was time to pack it in for the long drive home.

All the crews (including all the lifeguards too) were great as usual.

The kids passed out by the time we hit I-71S. They both bragged on and on about what a great time they both had and how much they loved GL and WWK.

I, of course enjoyed spending the day with my kids and was especially pleased when they ended up having more fun then I thought they would. They are both already asking me when we can go again!

Next week?? ;)

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Great report. I'm Glad you liked WWK. People say to me all the time, "I'm not really into waterparks" Then I say, "You just don't understand. WWK isn't your everyday waterpark. They have world class attractions that thrill the same as coasters do. Not to mention the beauty and atmosphere of the place."

Then once they see it all in person, they are speechless as to how big the attractions are for a "waterpark" and amazed at it's beauty. They become instant fans. Once phase 2 is complete, it will be a world class waterpark to say the least.

I agree i would take this waterpark over many i have seen. WWK is the best thing that quite possibly has happened at Gl for the longest time. Thank God they finally got it open. It has been doing extremely well to this point, CF made a good call on that one.

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