Geauga Lakes passes on sale

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I'm a little surprised that the MAXX pass comes in $25 cheaper than CP's and PKI's.

If that trend holds, guess which park gets the purchase for the 4 passes I need?

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I live in Solon, so the Geauga Lake Maxx pass pricing sounds great!

I never use Joe Cool (too early for me), so I had originally planned on getting a PKI Maxx pass. However, when I saw that they dropped the Gold Pass perks I started leaning toward buying at CP instead. Now that I see the price difference, I'm going to go with GL as long as Cedar Point will allow us to buy a parking pass for their lot too. (even if it is a separate cost.)

- R.A

LG: me too, especially because it is *also* $25 cheaper than the Maxx pass at MiA---a lesser park, with a smaller and more financially-challenged market, farther away from the other CF properties.

The fact they are currently $25 cheaper is great but it won't get me into Kings Island when they open in April. I always make the 3+ hour drive down there for opening weekend.

Too bad GL is now closed and CP doesn't offer the buy and process the same day like KI does.

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Lord Gonchar said:
I'm a little surprised that the MAXX pass comes in $25 cheaper than CP's and PKI's.

If that trend holds, guess which park gets the purchase for the 4 passes I need?

Remember, Geauga Lake opens like a month later than PKI...

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It might be a calendar month, but it's something like 6 or 7 actual operating days. Of which I honestly might make the trip once if I were a passholder.

In this case the $100 is worth more than that one early-season day at PKI.

I guess my only question to those that know is if it'd be possible to score the cheaper GL pass and then nab a parking pass at PKI (being the park I'd visit most) or do you have to be a PKI passholder to get the PKI parking pass?

Even still, with PKI's parking at $11 I'd have to visit the park 10 times before I ended up with a worse deal. I'm not sure I see myself hitting PKI 10 times in one season. Realistically, I'd put it at half of that.

Dorney is offering the Maxx Pass for $100.95 through October 29, then it goes up 9 dollars. No mention of the Maxx Pass Plus on their website though.
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I have to admit, this one is a real head scratcher.

What I'm still wondering is if they're going to stick to their guns on the stupid parking stickers. Turns out it's not legal to have more than on here in Ohio.

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Am I missing something? I looked at the page and the MAXXPass is $125.00, the same as CP.

Perhaps it was a mistake, and they changed it.

Guess we won't be making that drive.


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They did change it. It was most certainly cheaper yesterday.

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Last night I print screened the website that showed $100.95. When I called this morning to order they are charging the $125. I asked why the website said a different, lesser, price. She didn't have any knowledge of it. She asked if I could fax the print screens to her. I said sure could, but I don't have them with me at the moment as I'm at work. I am faxing the print screens to her tomorrow. I shall see what they say.

I'm sure most of you think I'm being cheap to go through this for a $25 discount, but oh well! If I can save $25 on my pass I am saving $25 on my pass!

Dorney - $109.95

PKD - $89.95

Guess I'm driving the extra hour to VA !

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Ha! They did change it.

Hopefully, we didn't tip them off and they caught the mistake themselves. ;)

Oh well. PKI passes it is then...

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Being that I will be at Cedar Point later next month for the Cbuzz event I will probably go ahead and get my MaxxPass then. I could drive to either Carowinds or PKD in the same amount of time but I am NOT going to drive out of my way just for that reason. ;)

I don't buy parking passes since I, well, don't visit the Ohio parks enough to justify it (maybe they should have a nationwide Cedar Fair parking pass? How sweet would THAT be?)

Yeah, stop dreaming, Tina. ;)

In any event the MaxxPass is a freakin' STEAL for those planning on visiting a lot of the Cedar Fair parks next year.

Yeah, Renengade looks THAT good! :P


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Hell, it's a steal even if you just hit a few. Looking ahead to 2007, I'd expect to hit PKI maybe 4 or 5 times, a stop at CP to check out Maverick and probably a stop at GL on the way to or from my parents house sometime next summer.

125/6 = 20.83 a visit.

Works for me! :)

(and if I happen to luck into visits to any other CF parks, it gets even better)

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^You are already a spoiled Ohioan, Gonch. ;)



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I adapt quickly. :)

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Does your wife approve of that, Mr. Househusband? ;)

Jeff - Editor - - My Blog

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Today is our 10th anniversary.

She must approve of something I do. :)

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