Geauga Lake's Bobs gets Holiday World's Legend Gerstlauer

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The original train from Holiday World's Legend, a Gerstlauer, was purchased by Cedar Fair for use on Raging Wolf Bobs. The retracked ride will be able to run two trains.

Read the information on the official Geauga Lake site.

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On the one hand, I'm happy to see that Holiday World managed to unload that thing. And I am happy to see that Raging Wolf Bobs will be able to run two trains again.

On the other hand, I still don't like Gerstlauer trains, and Geauga Lake has two coasters with 'em...

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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I never found them to be that horrible, but I know I'm the exception to the rule.

What's funny is that now with this special connection, I might actually ride Wolf Kabobs this year!

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Didn't the Legend coaches have a solid nose/firewall, where the RWB/Villan coaches have the open front with steel tubes? I wonder which one they'll convert, if either?

At least with all they work they're doing to RWB, the unpadded Gerstlauers will ride a little better :) Now only if they could smooth out the rough spots on the Villain as well this offseason.

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Yeah, that's where I'm hoping for improvement. I love Villain, easily my favorite right after Raven and Legend. That ride hasn't been right since the year it opened.
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I for one was hoping that the park would purchase PTC's for Villian, but Cedar Fair saw it as a better investment to just buy one more Gerstlauer. Oh well....
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This is not what I expected. It makes me happy though. :)

I'm in the tiny crowd that doesn't mind the Gerstlauer trains. In fact, I'll take 2 G trains over PTC trains with the Cedar Fair headrest any day.

I didn't mind the Gerstlauer trains until I rode RWB the first time. I sat down and pulled the lapbar onto my lap - which was really my legs because I have really long legs, but nontheless, it was all the way down. The op came to check it, said "this needs to be on your...lap" and pushed it down about four more clicks. That was NOT a fun ride...
I don't dislike the G trains, depending on the ride. On a ride that doesn't have a lot of laterals, they're inoffensive enough.

It was brutal on Legend, though. I didn't get to Geauga Lake last season, but I hope to rememdy that this spring.

I'm just interested in seeing how the first half is going to be on RWB.

Last year the second half (which was retracked) was so smooth you could have taken a nap during it on those trains.

On the other hand, the first half was even worse than Predator's (at SFDL) worst days. Until they get the whole thing fixed, I still prefer RWB's old trains (which recently has now been converted into some Halloween props.) The old train at least had padding EVERYwhere to cushion it's rough ride.

RWB is still missing a few things. Maybe the retracking will do what Big Dipper's retracking did for it last year. Before you meander home on the return leg due to so much speed lost. Maybe RWB will be able to pick up some speed to actually have some laterals on the few final turns. I also think they should throw in one or two bunny hops at the very end on the straight leg before the brake run for some nice small pops of air while they are retracking it :)...If all goes well, it should have enough speed for them anyway.

They dont have to purchase new PTC'S for villian Cedarfair has 2 spares from Dorney(Hercule)
my dumb but never riding the Legend , hehe but are the coaches the same? The really uncomfy lap bars? Because it looks different. lol
I don't mind those trains, never caused me any problems. The other good I'm glad to see is that the coasters getting a new paint job, plus new color scheme! *gets all excited*
wonder why they didn't use those Hercules trains. Oh well
I wonder if this is a temporary move.

Hmmm...Are there any coasters out there running one boxcar-style Gerstlauer train? Otherwise, Raging Wolf Bobs is going to have a mismatched open-front train, one boxcar.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

If there are 2 different trains, it would make for a slightly different experience, and enhance the re-ride value for people who have never ridden before (that way they can say they rode both types of trains, etc. etc.)
Only for a small group of people... Most park goers won't care if they ride two different types of trains.

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