Geauga Lake's 50's Midway in trouble?

Check this out, X-Flight ran for half the day, then closed for the rest. Head Spin had cranes all over it with workers climbing around on it's structure.

Steel Venom of course is down, as is Skyscraper and Bellaire. U know what this leaves on this side? The extra charge admission go-carts, Starfish, ElDorado and a handfull of games. That's it. Talk about absolutely dead. I mean wow, that corner of the park is really just terrible recently. Why would all of that stuff be shut down like that?

Even if Head Spin and X-Flight still operate, it's not much more than those two coasters over there. That just seem so unlike CF to let it crumble that far into the dirt, which again makes me say this may be the start of a larger project. I understand Venom went down due to some damage to the track and train, but still, doesn't it all just seem ironic?

Heck I'm not saying this project will bring anything new, but perhaps renovations and re-locations? Or is it that this corner of the park is just doomed? I mean geez, if there isn't some sort of project brewing, this is just awful.

BTW, Big Dipper was running fine, but since it stradles both sides of the area, I left it out. I wanted to put the emphasis on the northern side of that paticular area.

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I wouldn't be awfully surprised if that whole section of the park was waterpark stuff in a few years. Steel Venom going to a previously-Paramount park (PCar, PCW) might even explain why we suddenly see the resurrection of FoF at PKD, huh?

Vekoma Boomerang? Does anyone really need one of THOSE anymore...get with the times, buy a spinning coaster instead! :)

Better yet, send it to MiA, they need something "new". LOL!

And wouldn't X-Flight look cool at PGA? ;)
Sorry, couldn't resist that one...*evil grin*

Rides being moved/relocated is something that really DOES hold a lot of potential for the new CF. To me, that's a really good thing for the company's bottom line...something CF watches better than SF ever did, LOL.

Big Dipper? I'd prefer it stay put, but moving it to another area of the park would be OK too I guess. That coaster is what TIES Geauga Lake to the area, and having Dipper leave the park might prove fatal to CF's hopes/plans for the recovery of the park.

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^^all true, but wouldn't it make a great frightfest attraction. GeaugaPocalypse Lake! They wouldn't even need to add slimey water to the old waterpark as it's growing nicely by itself, (pretty cost effective, eh?)

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I just wanted to chime in here and say that even when the place was known as SFO there was nothing really going on in this area except for Superman. Nasty Fall - down, a couple crummy flats I didn't care to ride and some games. Not too exciting. I haven't been since the CF era so I really can't comment as far as today goes.

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It would be nice to see some of those coasters replaced with something else that would better serve the park, like a good darkride, some new flats or one of the many small steel coasters that are currently on the market (Gerstlauer spinning coaster, Eurofighter). I doubt many people would miss Head Spin or even Steel Venom, right? How about a new "classic" midway alongside Big Dipper? That would be a neat idea, especially if it was marketed as a return to the park's roots.
I would suggest keeping X-Flight, because it's unique to the state. Unless Cedar Point wants a B&M Flyer...

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I'd miss Steel Venom... if I could ride that all day, I'd do it. There's just somethign about those intamin impulse coasters that rock my world, especially front seat or rear-most seat.

The Vekoma Boomerang can go, as far as I'm concerned... but it's a working functional coaster that very few other parks really need (or want). It'd maybe be best served at a smaller independant park looking for a big thrill... but chain parks already have it, or something similar.

X-Flight is their main staple at the park & Big Dipper is an ACE classic... so whatever room they do have, they absolutely must keep those rides...

...BUT, I do agree that the area is rather barren. Not just in terms of rides/attractions... but it needs a little sprucing up, akin to SF New England's area.

Keep the three woodies. They could fit in well with a new image for GL. As for Villians roughness, this is something that can be fixed as was done with RWB.

Cedar Fair should look at Lake Compounce as an example of what they could and should do with the park. Sure, they don't have the mountain and they have more coasters than LC but the Connecticut park has many other elements that could work out well at GL.

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ANY fix done to Villain, if it doesn't include new trains, is temporary AT BEST.

Look no further than Cheetah to see how long a M-V refurb lasts while running G-trains on a truly *aggressive* ride....(A: about a month).

I heard that brother...those G-trains just suck IMHO. The Boss would also be fantastic if it "lost" those pieces of...AHEM!

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The thing about Geauga Lake is that they have the product, they just need to get people to notice it. I really hope the Cedar Point season pass day helped out the park.

What could the park do in the future? Lets see some family attractions and differentiate themselves from CP. The waterpark seems to be very successful and has been very busy from what I've seen, yet the ride side is dead. Sure a family dark ride might help but I think what could be done is a kid's area ala King's Island with a twist.

As much as CF thought that the animals weren't a draw, I think they need to admit that GL could benefit seeing animal attractions again. Maybe bring in a small animal show where your showing off birds, and other small critters. Since the water park under the monorail is gone, I'm sure that area can be best used for a nice sized family-friendly area, NOT a Camp Snoopy.

I wouldn't concentrate so much on revitalizing midways until there are people to fill those midways. Why not attract them with something different and maybe pull some people away from the Cleveland Zoo and spend money at GL?

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HeyIsntThatRob? said:
.... As much as CF thought that the animals weren't a draw, I think they need to admit that GL could benefit seeing animal attractions again. Maybe bring in a small animal show where your showing off birds, and other small critters. .....
~Rob Willi

I definitely agree with that. I'm not sure, however, that the management would want to undertake something so completely foreign to them (as they claim animal/wildlife entertainment to be). The fact of the matter is, the animals were the one thing that gave the combined Six Flags park a unique identity; an identity that they no longer have.

It's hard to bring back "Sea World."

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Animals aren't the answer. The park wasn't bringing people in with them. Sure, some folks are steamed, I personally would have softened the blow with a petting zoo of some sort.

It's clear to me that Cedar Fair has a plan up their sleeves with the 50's midway and old waterpark. Why would they spend so much money building a new waterpark? Also, remember, that Cedar Fair took a good look at their neighbors concerns, they weren't going to put a 200 foot ride on the Sea World side.

Be patient, it's just a matter of time.

Hmm its really weird how the parks attendance can drop SO much in two years.. in 2003 as SFWOA the park brought in 2.7Million people, and then for 2005 as GL the park brought in 0.7Million people. I don't know what Cedar Fair did wrong(Besides the animals) but c'mon, was Six Flags really THAT much of a draw for people. I wonder what the park would be like if it still was a SF property and I wonder how Shapiro would be doing with SFWoA? Probably sell it, well actually no because it HAS/HAD/can have the potential to be a GREAT family park.

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I went for a few hours yesterday. Head Spin, El Dorado, and Starfish were the only rides open when I got there around 3 PM. X Flight went down shortly after I arrived and didn't reopen for the duration of my visit. Seems they were having issues with it as a couple of maintenance men climbed to the top of the lift.

Though Big Dipper is somewhat on the border, when it rains, or even drizzles, it will not run so that's another ride down (though it did reopen before I left).

It's easy to blame Six Flags but they should have NEVER demolished that entire area at the end of 1999. It was vibrant with many rides. Now we're just left with a large void with three coasters, a go-cart track, and two operating flats.

I like Head Spin. I guess I'm one of a few people who still ride Boomerangs.

I can see the focus of the park centered on this area for the next couple of years as it desperately needs it and WWK is finished for now. They can't leave it looking like it does now for another season. That would be a big turn-off.

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^ I actually like Boomerangs too, and I like SLC's considering i grew up riding them (Both my homeparks have them) For the SLC - TopGun PCW & Mind Eraser SFDL. For the Boomerang - Bat PCW, Boomerang:Coast to Coaster SFDL.

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