Geauga Lake wood coasters up for sale, marketed at IAAPA

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The wooden roller coasters from the defunct Geauga Lake amusement park are for sale. They will be marketed this week at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions trade show in Orlando, Fla. This is the industry's premier event, with 25,000 people expected to attend. A company called Martin & Vleminckx Rides, based in Canada, will market three Geauga Lake roller coasters: the Big Dipper, Raging Wolf Bobs and the Villain.

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I'm really hoping someone saves Villain and Big Dipper. Wolfbobs on the other hand, what a boring ride.
I actually liked Villain and Wolfbobs but hated Big Dipper...
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...and I loved, loved, loved Dipper but couldn't care less what happens to Villian and Wolfbobs.
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I merely tolerated all three. :)

*39, 42 and 60 (of 80) on my ballot for Mitch's poll this year.

Count me as a Dipper lover. Villain would be nice to see saved. Since Wolf Bobs is such an uninspired (haha) layout, I personally don't care if it's saved.
It would be nice if at least one was saved.
I honestly could care less if any of the three are saved, when I went to GL in 06' all three were very rough and killed my back, especially Villian.
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So Jeff, any word on how you're going to help Kinzel kill this deal? I mean, it might impede on Cedar Point's attendance.

~Rob Willi

Just because they kill your back doesn't mean they are bad coasters... that is usually due to poor maintainence or not running the coaster as fast as it was originally designed. Cedar Fair is good at both of those, and Six Flags isn't innocent in that respect either...

He must have been referring to me in the article about putting it in my backyard... he asked my name but never realized I am a girl hehe. But really if you think about it it's NOT out of range in price... some people make four times that a year!

So, He's quoting prices of dismantling em and transporting.

Seems a little low at 50g for any of them.


I really liked Raging Wolf Bobs. After the retracking it was a nice smooth ride with some pretty good moments, especially the crossthrough after the first turnaround. You must have hada really bad ride in 06' if you thought RWB was rough.
^And to add to it we got stuck on the lift hill.
The day I went to Six Flags, Big Dipper was the best ride I had all day. It would be nice to see that ride somewhere.

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The real tragedy is that in the entire State of Ohio, there are perhaps three (two operating) other coasters that are as good as the three Geauga Lake wood coasters. Yes, that's right, by shutting down Geauga Lake, Cedar Fair is giving up on three of the four best operating wood coasters in the entire state.

(the other good ones are the Blue Streak at Cedar Point, the Tornado at Stricker's Grove, and the SBNO Screechin' Eagle at LeSourdsville Lake)

I really hope someone picks these up and gives them good homes. They're all decent rides.

--Dave Althoff, Jr.

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I wonder if Kennywood will look at Villain for their potential expansion.
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Honest truth, tho? And keeping things in context?

They were good OHIO wooden coasters. In the whole scheme of things--history or no--they were kinda 'meh.'

No offense. I lost two parks, a Miller coaster built in the 30s, and other features vastly more historical and unique than any coaster in my neck of the woods, so I sympathize with your loss. But if I was operating a park and had the choice of a current design and any of those three coasters for close to the same price...I'd pass on them.


It is sad, but you have to think, IF CF was going to move any of these rides they would not have put them up for sale in the first place. If CF thought they could move these rides to a smaller market park for a value, they would have. You have to think CF is under the mentality, of put the rides on the market until the land sells, if there are no buyers by then, then it will be better for CF as a buissnes to destroy them.

Sadly the park is dead and gone, and CF has moved everything they think can help the other parks in the system. The cost for CF to keep these rides or move them is too high. If someone else wants to pay the bill CF will entertain that, but I think they already have a deal in place for that land, and if they can get some money out of the coasters before that deal is done, then so be it, but if they need to go down before a certain time, the coasters will go down on time.

OH!! by the way...
Cleavland Browns fans... congrats on the space for your team's new arena.

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