Geauga Lake Today posts pre-season tour photos

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Villain's trick-track now straightened, Texas Twister gets a new paint scheme, and a look at a monorail-less midway are among photos taken a week before the park opens for 2007.

Link: Geauga Lake Today

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The message that they are sending to the locals that travel by the park and don't really know what's going on, is that 2 coasters just came down and the old waterpark is just sitting there and rotting. All of this is quite visible to the person travelling down Rte 43.

To the average joe, that would seem like the park is scheduled to close down soon.

Looks good. I totally agree that the park was overbuilt. Things, big things like coasters, were simply put in spots that didn't make sense. The 'mirroring lifts' (Villain/Double loop, and Batman/Serial Thriller) simply looked dumb, and still does.

People were everywhere the day I was there, there was no flow, it reminded me of Great Adventure.

How about Free POP! I think that would be a great push, if Dick wants to get more folks there. 25 cent popcorn at the point? Big deal. Look what free pop and sunblock did for Holiday World.

Free pop would get my daughter and her friends there for sure. she drinks like, 10-12 Cokes a day at her moms house.

I agree they need to advertise more. It is cleaner for the most part. The problem, at least as i see it, people going down 43 see an abandoned water part and disappearing coasters. To a non-enthusiast, that doesn't look good.

I think having the water park on the old seaworld side was a good idea. The natural landscaping and trees make for a nice setting.

If it was me, I would move the few flats they have on the water park side to the area next to the road where the old crap sits rotting away and light that corner up!

A) Nice appearance at the roadside.. let it be seen!

B) All the rides on one side and the water park attractions on the other.

C) Minimal cost!

One of the things I was most dissapointed in seeing that park last yeat, for the first time in probably 20 years, was the nighttime appearance. It was horrible. Nothing lit up. Even from up on the ferris wheel, looking down, it didn't even look like an amusement park! Travelling carnivals and ocean piers have better nightime appearance. And they wonder why they can't (supposedly) attract crowds to stay open till 11 PM at these "metal and concrete" parks... the atmosphere totally bites.

Speaking of which... how come boardwalk amusement piers can stay open so late? Is it just the fact of no neighbors to complain? Even fairs and carnivals make their main profits during the evening hours. And, if I, for one, was going to arrive late to take advantage of an evening rate, I would surely not want to be booted at 9 PM!!!! It just seems frustrating, growing up with parks that stayed open till 11 and the general ambiance of the fairs and vacation spots I grew up with. :(

^Apparently GL doesn't make enough money to maintain the current lights they run. (they probably got moved to another park.)

Yeah, their nighttime appearance looks pretty shabby.

^^^Free pop (or "soda") is a great idea, Scooter. They need to do something to stop the hemorrhaging. What ever happened to the old water shows that Sea World would put on (you know, like the Fantasmic! show at Disney's MGM studios).... they could really draw a good crowd if they improved guest experiences with something unique like a dynamite show like that.

As for the contention that the waterpark was what this park needed, just look at the results they got.... I'm SURE they aren't happy with the outcome.

I don't know if there are some simple solutions. Cedar Fair needs to own up and spend money like they did for KI, Carowinds, and CP. Peoples general idea is they lack the proper care for the park. Things that could fix that would be to put in new rides, demolish old waterpark and things that don't belong and spend some money on the park. I think its one of the neglected parks of the chain. The only thing they have done so far is small minor repairs, and "unclutter" the park as they would put it. I think the park looked better when they had more flats. If they had that plus some big coasters it would still be a good family experience.

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