Geauga Lake Sunday July 31st

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Another Geauga Lake Sunday July 31st

Hubby and I decided since last weeks visit to Gl, well, sucked due to Mother Nature we would head back up north again.

Mother Nature was way generous today, sunny and warm and not a cloud in the sky. Hubby and I began our GL day as usual by heading to Dominator, our 1st 2 rides we were the only 2 on the whole train.

My husband talked me into riding the bumper cars. Knowing what lunatics all our CP buds are on the Dodge Ems, and knowing they had taught Eric well, I had to be nuts! At 1st it was easy to avoid each other but some how we both ended on the other side heading head on to each other with a running start. The back ends of our cars JUMPED up when we hit, and the other people who saw it all moaned real loud. We hit so heard I thought I got whiplash! I heard my neck crack!! If it didn’t hurt so bad it would have been hilarious!! :)

We hit X-Flight 2x with no waiting thanks to the other guests having NO clue about the other loading platform so they were all heading for usual platform with all the other people.

It was nice to again see Avalanche Sam again!! Thanks for the great ride! :)

Headed back to Dominator again a couple times before lunch and to buy the coaster shot glasses I was estatic to finally see! :)

After lunch we headed to Hurricanes Hannahs because we knew that WWK was going to be packed. We had a blast in the wave pool , and when we were packing up getting ready to head to WWK, we noticed a bunch of people by us staring at the water. There were these 2 girls (maybe 19-25 years old all weight challenged) in the water. This wouldn’t have been so bad except neither of them had on a bathing suit. They had on a white T-shirt and 1 had on white sheer shorts (?) and I swear the other just had on her flowered panties.

They were dropping F bombs constantly and just being way too loud and disrespectful to all the children in the area. As if hearing them wasn’t bad enough, once they got wet there was NOTHING left to the imagination! It was beyond a wet T-shirt contest, because honest to goodness you could see EVERY thing. Everyone looking was in total shock (and disgust?) I was amazed that these were supposed to be ladies and instead they have no clue how bad they made themselves look. They left the water finally, not even attempting to cover themselves.
I was surprised one of the lifeguards didn’t say anything but I am sure they were in shock with everyone else who saw the whole thing happen.

We left Hurricanes Hannah’s hoping our WWK visit would be less full of surprises and shocking.

WWK was crowded but we still managed to find 2 chairs. We had a blast! Did the lazy river a couple times. Hubby flipped out of tube too which just cracked me up. We did Liquid Lightning, and got to ride with 2 other kids with us. Our tube FLEW, it was so much fun! Almost made us want to wait for another ride but by that point we were exhausted and slightly sun burned.

We decided after 8 hours in the park it was time for the long hike home.

There seemed to be alot more people there but not too much. Again, don’t judge by the parking lot. At GL (as with Dorney) most are heading right to the water park, not the rides.

Early in the day, there was a couple walking in front of us and the husband was talking to his wife about what the park used to be like (SFWOA) and said the park looked completely different. He commented on the cleanliness, friendliness and how he felt the whole park was much better. I am sure this guest isn’t the only one saying the same things!!

I think the more the word gets out about this transformed gem Aurora way, GL will attract alot more guests who hopefully will love the park as much as Eric and I do. Again it seemed everyone was having a great time, I know we sure did!

Next trip it’s CP for us! :)

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Wow. Your first two rides on Dominator had only you and your husband on it? Wow. Was it really that empty?

You said that you went to the other loading station for X-Flight. Does that mean they are running both sides again, or did I read that wrong?

Let me tell you, I read the part about the girls, and not only did I cringe, I let out a small "ew". Did no lifeguard even care? That seems really odd to me. Ugh... now I have a bad mental image... *shudder*

The comment you overheard made me confindent about going back to GL again. I went once in 2002 when it was SFWOA, and although it was not too bad, it was not to my expectations.

Well, glad you had a great time!

Geauga Lake - We is Gooder.
They have ran both trains as of saturday, but they were loading them on the major loading side. Cause they started two train op last night at about 5 or so. They put them both on the same side of the track though, and i didnt notice them using the track switch at all other than to get the one train on.

As far as the girls go they are probably toothless hilljacks that degrade the whole reason to come to the park. They were probably too poor to pay for a bra and also apparently they are deprived of taking a bath. As for you seeing that im sorry you had too, and also someone should have stopped them from cursing and even dressing like that, i would figure there would have to be a decency(SP) to the dress code. *** Edited 8/1/2005 4:01:23 AM UTC by MagnunBarrel***

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Answers to some of the questions:

Dominator ran 2 trains all day, and we never saw a full train all day. Most guests work their way to the back of the park when they 1st get there. We head to the back and head forward, that's why we had a Dominator train solo. On our 2nd ride there were only 2 other people on the train besides us. During none of our rides did we have to wait.
My hubby decided he likes the last row best on Dominator. It is more intense back there but during the end cobra rolls, I swore I heard bad wheels or something....pretty rough, but fun none the less.

We also had a solo ride on RWB.

X-Flight did indeed have both sides running. We rode before 2pm, and both were definitely open. I got to see the track switch for the very 1st time. Pretty cool!

The "babes" in the pool were not hillbillies, trust me.

I had forgotten to mention also that it appears that GL has stopped the stupid procedure of handing the season parking sticker people a ticket when they 1st come in. This ticket is specifically for the season parking pass people. It says it is only good for 1 reentry to the park that day. WTH?
I questioned this procedure to a couple of GL connections and apparently it has thankfully been stopped. I thought it should be like CP-come in and return 50x that day if you like. So when we arrived there yesterday, we stopped at the booth anticipating a ticket and the kid just said "thank you" and waved us on.
If that is the procedure now, there is yet one more improvement!! :)

Also Mr Hydes Nasty Fall is the only ride that was down all day. When we left after 5:30pm we noticed a loaded TBD train stuck on the lift hill. I don't know what the deal was with that. Didn't happen when we were on it, darn it!! ;)

I also forgot to mention that all the crews were their usual awesome selves :)

My hubby and I both discovered this morning we are way beyond fried, we really toasted yesterday. Well worth it though!! :)


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My theory on the emptiness of this place is that they're not really trying to attract a crowd that can use up all the space they have. The park's kinda been marketed and "niched" as a picnic park, not unlike Kennywood. But, Kennywood has about 35-40% of the "queue" space as Geauga, and I would bet that if you took a typical weekend Geauga crowd and put it all in Kennywood, it'd be a busy day.

I think the park just suffers from being supersized, but that can definitely work to their advantage. Everyone likes short lines and they may be around for years to come, and the park will probably still be profitable.

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I think dominator needs some work with the corkscrews at the end not the track, but the trains. You hear a bit of rattling when they go threw them. Agreed.

Still they are trashy people not wearing proper attire. So anyway someone should have stopped them.

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*looks around cluelessly* um...what's TBD? just wondering...

About those girls though, you think a security guard or something would have saw what they were wearing and escorted them out of the park, not allowing them to re-enter without proper swimwear on.

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