Geauga Lake Sunday July 24th

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Geauga Lake Sunday 7-24

Hubby and I decided to head up north, left Columbus under sunny skies and humid temperatures. We decided to not decide on CP or GL till we got to Rte 250. Geauga Lake won.

The more north we got the worse the skies were looking. Of course as soon as the gates opened, here comes the rain. Of course, rain, sprain, rides were running anyway :)

Eric and I rode all the coasters (which, btw thanks to the wet tracks were flying!) and we got even more wet thanks to riding! :)
Memories of some of the best times during Halloweekends! :)

Again, found myself loving The Big Dipper even more. That woody is just awesome-easily becoming my hubby’s favorite woody. (I have to get him to Holiday World! ;))

We finished off riding all the coasters in less than 2 hours, even reriding Dominator 3x. We decided to take a rest and rode "Bellaire Express" Smart move since I finally got to meet CB’er "Avalanche Sam" He and I had corresponded on this website for months but never got to actually meet. Thanks to the CP and Raptor tattoos it didn’t take him long to know who I was! Nice to meet you Sam and you can bet you’ll be seeing more of us this season! :)

Sam, here is the website for GOCC:

The park is looking wonderful....sparkling clean, the crews were great (believe me, working at an amusement park in the rain is miserable) and all the rides were up and running.

I had over heard several of the guests asking where certain rides and the rest rooms were located. I think Jeff’s idea of signs (or cheaper.....maybe ride names with arrows directing them painted on the ground?) directing people would be an awesome idea. I would hate to think a guest missed out on an awesome coaster/ ride cause they didn’t know where it was!

After lunch we decided to head home. I had some equine stuff to take care of at home anyway so it forced me to take care of it! Of course NO rain here! Doesn’t THAT just figure?

It wasn’t exactly the best day for us to go to WWK, maybe next time!

Despite the rain it appeared all the guests were having a wonderful day, I know we did and cant wait till our next trip!!

Lifetime Raptor flights: 1047 :)

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Where in Columbus do you live?

Im in UA.

I was also going to ask where in Columbus you live. I live in Worthington.

Jo, I actually met you once at the Point, on an opening day (probably 2003), but didn't get to know you. As I said to you in person, I really appreciate all the positive feedback from you and the other enthusiasts.

With Bill at the Helm, I am confident that we either already are, or soon will be, the BEST RUN PARK in the Cedar Fair chain. Not bad for only the second year under Cedar Fair!

And to anyone who has yet to visit, GL is well worth the money. We have great operations with little to no wait for most rides, and we have some rides that are definitely worth riding!

Interestingly enough, I saw two more Pointbuzzers/Coasterbuzzers that day. Ralph Wiggum, and Rideman. It was nice to meet Ralph Wiggum, and a pleasure to see Rideman again.

And thanks again for the info Jo. I'll have to request some time off to go to Dorney. I am really looking forward to that.


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Sam: It was definitely nice to meet you too! :)

Horse show (and weather) pending, we may be back up this weekend, unless we decide on CP this time!

I can't wait for the GOCC Fall Freak Out myself!
It will be my 5th FFO and I bet the best one ever! :)

john peck & amnesiac: We live in the lovely town of Reynoldsburg (birthplace of the tomato you know! ;))

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