Geauga Lake Sunday 7-3-05

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Geauga Lake Sunday July 3rd 2005

Despite a horse show filled holiday weekend my hubby and I decided I could use some time off and we should head up to GL again. Turned out to be a great idea!! :)

High Points: This park more and more reminds me of Dorney (with no hills thank goodness! :)) This is quite a compliment since I think Dorney is an awesome little park.

The rides were all up and running for us all day.

Dominator without a doubt is my favorite GL steel coaster. It is a must ride in the front seat..the 0 gravity and G forces are incredible! (Sorry Raptor, but it is after all a B&M!) We rode Dominator 5x.

Unfortunately for me, X-Flight is my hubby’s fav and it is a labor of love for me to ride it! It sometimes makes me feel sick, and I have decided shall I ever lose my lunch I will be aiming for my hubby!! ;) We had 4 flights on this thing.

Villain-what can I say but OMG! As the day went on and the wheels warmed up this coaster was FLYING! It was so much fun, especially when I got to see one of my CP buds!! Hi Gina! :)

Raging Wolf Bob’s got one of their re-painted trains back and it looks cool! It’s black with red stripes and the RWB logo on the front of the train is bad! I am still amazed how some revamping improved this ride. Too bad despite all it’s revamping (by the same company Im told!) MS still sucks. I really like this crew. The Raptor keychain the TL had on didn’t go unnoticed by me! :) We rode this 4x.

The Big Dipper-my favorite GL woody. What a ride this coaster is! I had ridden it during CoasterEXT while my hubby rode X-Flight and he had NO idea what he was missing!
He really liked it and commented how his butt never hit the seat.

Steel Venom: Can someone explain to me how this coaster gets to me more than WT does? The shot backwards just seems more intense to me without the twist.

I can not say enough about the landscaping. To me it seems they have alot more land available for landscaping and maybe that is the only reason it seems more beautiful floral wise than CP to me. As the flowers grow it only gets more breathtaking.

Wildwater Kingdom: Finally open!!

Although we’re not into the water park thing. we decided to walk over and see how it looks. WOW! We were SO sorry we didn’t bring our swim wear!! Yes, they have swimwear and towels for sale there of course, but how much the stuff was you can use your imagination (WalMart anyone?? ;)) . Everyone was having such a great time, and that one water ride Liquid Lightning I can NOT wait to ride! I called my daughter when we were watching the ride trying to explain it to her. She IS into water park thing so I can’t wait to take her! She will love it! As I said it does appear everyone was having a great time at WK. Well done GL and can’t wait to see the next addition to it! :)

The ferries are running again. By the look of all the people opting for the floating bridge maybe they don’t know that yet? Some signs on the GL/WK side telling about the ferries may be a good investment.

The entire park was spotless (no surprise there) and all the crews were their usual courteous and friendly selves.

We had the greatest time feeding the carp and ducks by the floating bridge our left over cheese puffs. They were so funny trying to get at them before the ducks got to them. It never ceases to amaze me how big some of those carp are. We had a game of trying to get the puffs right into their mouths! There is this one carp that is orange that we see all the time that looks like some sort of mutant goldfish. There is also an albino one that is the coolest looking fish I have ever seen!

Low Points:
If you decide to bring your own food and eat in the public picnic area make sure you "reserve" your table early. We waited till lunch time to get our cooler and walk all the way to the picnic area to almost not have a place to eat! If the crowd capacity at GL continues to grow they may have to do something about that. It could be only because it was a holiday weekend. But we have never seen it that packed before.

Is it me or does it seem there isn’t enough rest rooms at the park? I know where every one is but it seems like a haul to get to any of them. I think maybe CP has us spoiled with all their restrooms.

All in all a GREAT time for us. It was nice to see that GL seemed more crowded. It reminds of Dorney also in the way you think the rides will be packed but most of the people head to WK. Or they hit up the rides 1st thing then head to WK.

I think that every time we go to this park it gets better and better. Not just for us but for all the guests. I hope they continue to attract more people. If you haven’t been to this park its a must..just don’t forget your swimwear! And if you do, there is a WalMart right across the street! :)

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I also agree that the park gets better every time.

It's such an improvement from the old Six Flags and Funtime days!

You missed out more than you'd think by not bring your swimsuits. Liquid Lightning has to be the coolest water ride I've ever been, and Thunder Falls is an awesome slide complex. I was really surprised at how efficiently the rides in WWK were run. The lifegaurds on Thunder Falls would assign you your slide, you'd be sent to it, and while one handeled watching the lights to tell people when to go, the other lifegaurd went back over to the line and assigned the next four/three people their slides. It was a 180 degree turnaround from the operations of Six Flags. I really hope word gets out about how much better the park is than when it was a Six Flags and people start to pour in. I like walk-ons, but I'd rather have a packed park that's doing very well for itself.
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Yeah, I heard about all the great improvements. Now all they need to do is tear down that piece of junk, Head Spin. ;)
Actually, Head Spin isn't all that bad. It's nothing special, but the GP appears to like it as it always had a full train last time I was there.
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Or at least give the coaster a new color scheme.
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Vekoma Boomerangs can be fun if they are smooth, but I've never been on Head Spin at GL. How is it? The one at SFDL is smooth as glass and is quite enjoyable.
In the several trips I've made up to Darien Lake, I've always been surprised by the decent lines for the boomerang. Head Spin is an 'allright" ride. I'd rate it somewhere in the middle. It isn't as smooth as the SFDL on in my opinion, but by the same token it is tolerable (as opposed to a ride by the name of "Mr. Hydes, but that is another story). I tend to avoid the HS when I am at the park.

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I am glad to hear you had a great time at the park. It is the positive feedback we get from you and other enthusiasts, along with the general public, that let us know that our hard work is paying off.

Now about the bathrooms, I couldn't agree with you more. I hope we put more in somehow.

Just remember, Dominator is OURS. We will never give it up! I absolutely love that ride. Now if it only got a paint job to smooth out some of the rough spots...


Yes, Steel Venom is a bit more on the intense side compared to WT since the shot up the back is fast, and straight up and down. Not to mention that unforgiving brake!

Yes, you really missed out on a great time in WWK. WWK is one of the most beatiful waterparks you'll ever see and experience. I've been to alot around this country, and WWK is a damn fine job. great theming,great landscaping, with more gardening being done everyday. They just put in a few palm tree sprouts today when I was there.

The Coral Cove pool is so cool, I could spend all day in the relaxation area of it. I love that spot, and it gives great views of the surroundings since it's slightly elevated.

Don't let Splash Landing fool you either. It has some fun Body slides for adults and kids alike, not to mention the blast you can have spraying dry people with the water gadgets! Too much more to go on about. NEVER forget your swimgear when going to GL&WWK!!

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