Geauga Lake or PKI?

Wednesday, July 11, 2001 4:50 PM
Hey all, I am going to hit 4 parks in a couple of weeks. The wildcard will be either Geauga Lake or PKI. Any opinions about how they compare? Coasters? Overall experience? Should I consider a different park?

Yeeee Haaawwww!
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 4:52 PM
For coasters....PKI. I was just up there in May, and I enjoyed that park, coaster wise, a lot better. The only things worth riding at SFWOA is X-Flight and Batman Knight Flight.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 4:54 PM
I was kinda leaning that way. I've wanted to ride the Beast for as long as I could remember.

Yeeee Haaawwww!
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:19 PM
Beast is not that good of a ride. VILLAIN is much better. Nuthing like flying through awesome air-time hills. Beast is just a slow. Bad pacing ride which i left dissapointed. While Villain is non-stop pacing and excitment! Heres my opinion...

X-Flight is better than Vortex

Villain is better than Beast

Son of Beast is better than Big Dipper

Racer is better than RWB

SUE is better than Flight of Fear and Top Gun

BKF is better than Face/Off

and plus they have Mind Eraser and Serial Thriller.

Thrust me, SFWoA has the best selection of coasters. Inverted, Impulse, Flying, Wooden, Floorless, And a classic.

PKI wasnt that good of a park. It was fun and all, but not that good. SFWoA is a better park to ride Xtreme stuff. PKI is a family park and doesnt have that much xtreme rides. It only Xtreme rides are SOB, and Drop Zone ( not a coaster ). But thats my opinion, its your decision and not mine.

Ride Count -22 on X-Flight - 35 on Villain - 37 on SUE - 41 on BKF - 15 on others coasters! Equal 150 Coaster rides at SFWoA!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:23 PM
Having been to both parks this season, I would go with PKI. Much better experience overall and eventhough I like Villain, I'll take The Beast any day of the week.
Christ how do you kids do it
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:24 PM
Yeah but SFWoA has such bad ride operation lately. Of course go to PKI, it is a very good park.

Kerry - Bright Man of the Elite Eight
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:29 PM
Even though I've never been to SFWoA (I hope to be going soon), I must say that there is no ride at that park that can possibly beat the Beast! Not to stir up any controversy or anything but I'd go with PKI just for that one coaster experience.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 5:53 PM
sfwoa is great they have better coasters then pki Villan is not as good as the beast but it is awesome and batman superman and x flight rock if you want coasters go to sfwoa.
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 7:06 PM
Wednesday, July 11, 2001 7:17 PM

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Wednesday, July 11, 2001 7:22 PM
Paramounts Kings Island
The Beast one of my favorite woodies!
Son Of Beast 2nd!
Millennium Force in 2 days
Thursday, July 12, 2001 12:39 AM
Do a search on PKI and SFWOA and see how many times SFWOA gets bashed and then you have your answer.

And look at the coasterbuzz awards and see what won best wooden coaster and best new wooden coaster.

I'd take the Beast and FOF over ALL of SFWOA coasters put together!

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Thursday, July 12, 2001 4:17 AM
You'll ESPECIALLY enjoy Flight of Fear. It is an amazing ride, and went from my "do not ride" list to my number one steel!

The Beast, Son of Beast, Racer... there are so many great rides at PKI. Plus the park is as clean as I've ever seen it.

Thursday, July 12, 2001 4:59 AM
It depends what you like. I have season passes to both. Both parks have their strong/weak points.

If you like wood, PKI has 3 good/great wood coasters--The Beast, Son of Beast, and Racer plus good jr coaster the Beastie/Scooby Doo (as it will ever be known in my head lol).
Geauga has the villian, which is equally as good as the Beast/Son of Beast, and the Big Dipper, which would compare to Racer. Raging Wolf Bobs is no good. For wood, i would choose PKI.

For steel, PKI has Flight of Fear which is great launched coaster with lap bars! (if you go here, ride this very first thing when gates open, or get in line right before rides close, or you will waste an hour in line that you could spend riding something else). Top Gun is good but short suspended coaster. Vortex is ok, not too rough arrow mega looper. Nice but rough arrow mine train. Then you have the junk, King Kobra stand up coaster and Face Off vekoma invertigo and the new vekoma inverted kiddie coaster.

Geauga has Batman Knight Flight floorless B and M, which IMO is the best looping coaster in OH, and probably the best steel coaster. Superman Ultimate Escape is equally as good as FoF with its launch and vertical climbs. Have not ridden X Flight, but it does not sound too intriguing to me, and reports have been so so on it and bad on the operation. They have a nice small Zierer coaster that would compare with Beastie at KI. Double loop is very short arrow looper. Then their real junk--vekoma boomerang and vekoma slc.
Geauga slightly wins in the steel category, as they have 2 awesome steel coasters. KI has one that would be considered awesome.

As far as operations go, KI. I have been there about 10 times this year, and every time, all coasters have been running at full capacity. ALL have been running. I believe all the flat rides were too, even on their "limited" operation days, KI managed to open up almost all of their rides by the end of the day. There have been reports on here of Geauga having mulitiple major coasters closed on the same day.

PKI also wins in atmosphere. Its a prettier park. Surrounded by forest. Geauga has the lake, but much of it is built along the parking lot and roadway.

For various entertainment, Geauga wins. The sea world side features much more entertainment type attractions than KI. KI is very weak in that department now.

For theming, both suck. Six Flags is making some effort to develope themed sections of the park, while Paramount has managed to deteriorate a lot of the theming was there in the past.

Flat rides, both are about equal. Need some.
KI has swinging ship, one of the best flat rides IMO--flying scooters, wave swinger, trioka, monster, bumper cars. Geauga has himalaya, rainbow, yo yo, spider, top spin, bumper cars, enterprise, matterhorn, inverter, giant wheel. Geauga has first generation free fall ride, very rough, while PKI has 300 ft drop tower. KI wins in that dept. Both have rapids rides and log flumes.

So decide on what factors you look for.

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Thursday, July 12, 2001 6:17 AM
Flight of Fear is the stuff of the gods. It is easily one of the best steel coasters in Ohio. I'm three hours from PKI and I've been there twice this year. Half-hour to Geauga Lake, been there once.

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Thursday, July 12, 2001 6:20 AM
Jeff, I'm going to Cedar Point on Friday I would like to know were Geauga Lake is never been there before what inserstate would I have to use to get there and how far is it from Cedar Point? Would it be worth it to drive and what kind of coasters do they have?

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Thursday, July 12, 2001 7:01 AM
Even those people who hate the Beast have to admit it's worth riding, just because it's completely unique in the world.

No other coaster gives you that "runaway train" feeling. And how many other coasters:

-go through the same tunnel twice, with the track stacked?
-have three tunnels, one of which you're in for 20 seconds or so, one at the bottom of the first drop?
-are, except for the two lift hills, COMPLETELY hidden from the rest of the park, even from the tower, even from the lift hill of Vortex, which is right next to it?
-have this much straight track? (I think it's great...S:ROS maybe has more though)

And even if you hate most of the ride, the final helix WILL scare you the first time with its utter violence and unrelenting furor.

Top that, SFWoA. :)
Thursday, July 12, 2001 8:46 AM
I have a season pass to both parks, and I am sure you would be happy at either place. The Beast is AWESOME. Nothing else like it anywhere. SFWoA does get a bad rap on here (especially by the same people over and over), but I go once or twice a week, and have had no problems. Shows at WoA are excelent. Food is OK at each place. Little overpriced, but OK. SfWoA has many more classifications of coasters. PKI has a Standup, Inverted Boom, Woodies, Steels and Launched. SfWOA has Floorless, SLC, Boomerang, Woodies, Steel, Flying and Inverted Launch. SFWoA has the kind you do not see hardly anywhere else. Give SFWoA a chance. It really isnt as bad as a select few make it sound.

Thursday, July 12, 2001 10:12 AM
Wow! Thank you ALL (especially Super7) for your input. Earlier in the posts I noticed a bit a rivalry. I didn't mean for it to come to blows or anything, but this is possibly once in a lifetime for me. Some day soon I'll have a family and the logistics would become prohibitive.

I've always wanted to ride the Beast and "that runaway train feeling" is one of my favorite things about woodies.

Even though my great grandmother was from Aurora, I live near a Seaworld and have access to another great Six Flags park (and similar coasters at PGA and SFMW). I think I'll be hitting up PKI.

Oh, Flight of Fear has me psyched. The video from the site left a lot to my imagination. What does it do exactly? I know it is launched. That's about it.

Indiana Beach, CP, Kennywood, PKI, here I come! See you there from the 1st through the 4th with my yellow shirt! :)

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Thursday, July 12, 2001 5:27 PM

janfrederick said:
"Oh, Flight of Fear has me psyched. The video from the site left a lot to my imagination. What does it do exactly? I know it is launched. That's about it.

It's really more about what it doesn't do - and that is box your ears in the transitions!

So many coasters - so little time.

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