Geauga Lake Oct 28th

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Hubby and I decided to head up Aurora way for our final visit to GL for this season. We certainly got our $$s worth on our GL add-on this season! :)

Luckily I had thought to grab a lot of extra clothes just in case it was colder up north than it was here when we left. Smart move. The more north we headed the cooler it was becoming! BRRR!

Arrived at the park shortly after opening. It was the 1st time we had been to GL in the dark since CoasterEXT and the 1st time we got a good view of all the “Haunt” goodies. Some of the decorations were a RIOT! A few in particular were the fishing skeletons under the Pepsi Plunge. Unless you watched them for a while you wouldn’t see the last skeleton getting sea sick in the back of the boat!! Classic! The other was this tent that was set up, a bunch of nasty looking animals all around it. There was a voice of a man inside the tent talking to his family. Eventually one of his kids asked what the snarling noise was, only to have him say it was their Mother snoring.
The ACE (Alien Coaster Enthusiast) exhibit was way funny too :)
The car that was getting attacked by the "Blob" in front of My Hydes Nasty Fall! :)

Hubby and I started our journey doing our usual, booking to the back of the park for Dominator.

There was actually a line! We found out that was because there was only 1 train running and they had the last 3 rows roped off. Even at that our wait time was only 10 minutes. Rode in the front car and froze our butts off! It started drizzling as soon as our train pulled out and OMG was it cold! I had forgotten how cold it can be riding a coaster at night in the fall! Coolest thing was my winter hat flew off my head and I reached back just in time to grab it before it was history!
Still love this ride! Running a tad slower than usual but fun none the less! :)

Raging Wolf Bobs - WOW! Put some water on those tracks and this ride just FLIES! Made it more fun cause it was in the dark so this coaster really felt like it was flying! Kudos to GL again for improving this unbearable and horrible woody to a great ride!

The Big Dipper-Every time I ride this woody I like it more and more and really do believe it is one of my favorite woodies. Raven and Legend top it but TBD is just awesome from start to finish. Major airtime, speed and smooth as glass. We turned around and rode it 3 more times.

X-Flight-It is such a labor of love to ride this ride! It was my first nigh time ride on it and it wasn’t as sickening to me as it usually is, only thing was I found myself feeling kind of uncomfortable like my legs weren’t in as tight as they usually are. Please, if I have to die on a coaster, don’t make it X-Flight!!! ;)

Of course GL had the fog machines on full blast, this ended up back firing on them! Apparently after a small rain, cooler temperatures and no wind make believe fog just kind of sits. Back by middle of park I am talking that you literally could NOT see 2” in front of you! It was hilarious!! People were laughing and saying funny stuff-we were rolling! It was so thick that hubby and I ended up making a complete circle and ending up exactly where we started!! Classic!! J

No Fright Trails for he or I..but I can not say enough about all the decorations threw out the park. We had more fun looking at them, honestly than anything else!!!

We managed to stay till almost closing. The walk out of the park I noticed a lot of fog and was whining that we probably would have to deal with it all the way home.

The parking lot was awful, Aurora Road was terrible--then what do you know? 2 blocks later it was completely GONE!!

That’s right, the Geauga Lake fog had almost devoured all of Aurora!! J

We had a great time, and a great GL season this year. There wasn’t one visit we didn’t have a great time. Every visit there was another Cedar Fair touch which improved the park.

We also really look forward to the additions to WWK!

I still think since GL and CP are family now they should let CP have Dominator for a while and they could have MS for a while!! Please????? ;)

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I was there on Friday, and boy was it cold! I had SNOW-BALLS!

Anyway, we had thick fog as well. Im glad we took advantage of the add-on also!

RWB should have it tracking done for next year, hope they do something about villian, too!

There "MAY" be something else to look forward to next year at GL other than the waterpark! Stay tuned!

Jo -

I visited the park on Saturday. Not nearly as cold, and I'm sad I left before the Halloween attractions started coming to life after dark!

I'm glad to see someone else likes The Big Dipper as much as me. I think it's an awesome woodie.

By the way, did you go into the clown haunted house over by the kiddie coaster? That was the best.

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