Geauga Lake Land Listing

I ran across THIS on Colliers website today. Thought people might be interested in seeing just how much land Cedar Fair is selling.

Also, of interest to me is how much land they're actually selling in the Sea World side. It doesn't leave much expansion AT ALL for Wildwater Kingdom.

What are you talking about? Almost the whole Sea World side says Not available. Thats huge for a waterpark.


WWK will be closed in a few years anyway. I doubt the morons in Sandusky will waste anymore money on this mess they've created!
It looks like they're selling off everything right up to the wave pool. So, that nixes any hope for "phase two" that was originally planned for the park. That's all I'm saying.
^^SFI created the mess & CF is stuck cleaning it up.
Yeah, by closing down the whole park. That really is cleaning it up, literally!

It's sad... They are leaving little to no land for expansion of WWK, my guess is the park will be done forever in a year or two... Not enough room to expand if it turns successful.


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A potential use for the land could be something similar to the Westford development in Canfield, Ohio:

Charles Nungester said:
What are you talking about? Almost the whole Sea World side says Not available. Thats huge for a waterpark.


Look at the unavailable portion again on that overview shot. It only consists of the waterpark and most of the parking lot.

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5 rows of parking should be more than enough! Maybe they are keeping the parking lot so they have space to store the disassembled water slides in a few years.
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I'm suprised any the owners never tried to sell the land before. I can't imagine by any stretch of the imagination ever expanding into the 220 acres on the other side of Township road 182.

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So how long before the water park will close up. I am starting to wonder if the water park has been shopped around already. Last week there was an article in the news about a group wanting to build a water park south of Cleveland more toward Akron. Maybe they have a buyer for the water park and figure might as well sell every pit of land you can.

Other wise seems like park suicide if you sell off all the extra land and make the park limited in size.

Even though WWK is listed as unavailable, talks to sell the land will surely result on offers being made and thaat will give Cedar Fair an idea of what they can get for it when the time comes. I said it before and I'll say it again- within five years, WWK will be done as well. CF has no future plans for that place other than to milk it for a few years in an attempt to get back some of what they wasted on it.
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Being for sale is not the same as being sold. Demon Drop anyone?

Geauga Lake kinda looks like Africa.

Yikes, what county do they have to pay taxes in? Both?

I think CF keeping a presence with the water park is a really bad move. It can't possibly have a positive effect on the price they'll get; it should drive the price per acre down. No one with any sense would want to put in residential around the lake with WWK sitting along the shore.

CF should make the smart business decision and put the entire parcel up for sale.

Just dome the whole damn thing! Enclose the waterside, all the available land and build a community like Logans Run.
At least that would have a Carousel!
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Yes, they're paying taxes to both counties and school districts.

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Was it always that way? Only a small park of Geauga Lake sits in the other county but the olf Sea World site is pretty much divided in half by the county line. Whatever, that's ridiculous. You'd think that at some point, one county would have claimed one park while the other country claimed the other. I wonder if that's going to make any sale of the land that much more difficult and tedious? We're talking about major acreage in two counties.
It doesn't really say if it's being subdivided or sold as a full unit. But, the way they have it labeled is quite strange. They've put the portion of Sea World with the Geauga Lake land on the other side of the lake. Maybe that's just the graphics on the listing, but it is still strange.
My guess is that's just the way it is currently platted. Who knows how the plats were updated once one entity owned the whole thing.

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You can look up the property records and tax assessments in both counties. They're paying both.

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