Geauga Lake Attendance Figures?

I was wondering, has Cedar Fair released the attendance figures for GL in the past few years? I always read the CF quarter results and such, but never see anything in relation. I am just curious how the park has been doing, number wise.Last summer seemed extremely strong for the park, and at times, seemed over-capacity in terms of wait times, tube availability and chairs.

Is this information out there or has it been pretty well held by CF?

Appreciate it, Thanks.

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Cedar Fair doesn't release individual attendance figures for any of the parks.

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I noticed it was much busier than in past years. Hopefully the strong season will get them to continue on with phase 2 of their expansion, but I doubt it.

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Good to hear. The region of Cleveland is tortured. Stripped of the Browns (temporarily), Sea World, and Geauga Lake (amusement park). This waterpark, despite being fairly small, is of great quality and value. Their slides are all fun, and the atmosphere is clean and detailed. This is all coming from a generally non-waterpark person. It's a shame Cedar Fair only cared about the big guy a few towns west of Aurora. I only visited GL once in 2007 and im begging to go back, but it's only a dream.

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Well, at least you have LeBron James.

(Wait... what?)



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More salt in the wound... bastard! :)

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AjFelice I agree the park is a great little water park.

But Regarding value:

Season Pass: Yes (paid in under two visits)

One Day tickets: Not so much (costs about the same as Geauga Lake with rides)

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Wow, this topic confused me until I started reading the posts. It made me think where was a bug in the system as it was showing posts as being recent when I assumed they were from when Geauga Lake was open! As far as I am concerned, Geauga Lake has been closed since 2007.

Wildwater Kingdom is a nice water park, and I enjoy visiting during the summer. I do think it could use more attractions however, and hope Cedar Fair will be able to invest some money into the water park given that attendance seems strong, and the park has not seen a major new attraction since 2006 (and that was simply a replacement of another major attraction)!



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They did have LeBron for one beat down last night. And, come on Clevelander's it could be worse you could live in Michigan and root for the Lions...

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Are they still crying over Labron James?

what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard.
Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it.
I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

AJFelice said:
The region of Cleveland is tortured. Stripped of the Browns (temporarily), Sea World, and Geauga Lake (amusement park).

It must be awful having Cedar Point so close...

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I'm not crying over Lebron because Cleveland isn't a basketball town. Only a fad because the other teams, quite frankly, stunk.

Having Cedar Point is great, but without a season pass, it gets overwhelming (even on weekdays). Geauga Lake was cheaper, less crowded, and closer to Erie where I'm at. It was a nice step up from Waldameer and not as poorly run as Darien Lake. Not to mention their SLC was actually good.

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Cleveland isn't a basketball town? You didn't go to school there, I take it?

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Let me clarify, Cleveland is not an NBA town. I thought that was obvious when discussing Lebron. In terms of professional sports, Browns are at the top followed by the Indians then Cavs. So his departure will never hurt as much as the Browns move and devastating playoff losses as well as the title runs of the Indians in the past two decades.

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No, you're still wrong. The Cavs have had a very long and rich history, even without a championship. From the "Miracle of Richfield" up through the Michael Jordan era (a time when they always seemed so close) to the LBJ era, Cleveland has loved that team. Heck, people even enjoyed going when Danny Ferry was a player.

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I went to a Cleveland Lumberjacks game once. So there's that, too.


I have lived in northeast Ohio all of my life other than 9 years spent in Columbus. In my experience, Cleveland is a Browns town first and foremost. Indians are second with the Cavs a distant third. There have been pockets of time where the Cavs have been popular but those have pretty much coincided with them winning (Indians have pretty much been the same in terms of low interest if they aren't winning). But before Lebron, Gund Arena was like an opera house. You could hear conversations of folks 5 rows in front of you because the place was dead. And there were years in Richfield where 18,000 folks watched the Force (long before soccer was popular in the area) because they were winning and the following night there would be a couple thousand folks (paid attendance anyway) watching the Cavs. Not sure if that makes Cleveland a basketball town.

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The Force? How'd that work out?

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Well, you see, it turns out Vader was Luke's dad all along.


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*snort* Wha--? Oh... *zzzz*

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