Geauga Lake adds more hours.

Geauga Lake and Wildwater Kingdom adds more operating hours. The park is open daily after its opening day.

I wonder why they keep tweaking the hours.
Because if geauga lake got about 700,000 with out the haunt then they did pretty well
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It is still less than 2006, which was less than 2005, which was less than 2004, which was less than 2003, which was also less than 2002 (The park was open in November in 2002).
By extrapolation, in 2018 they'll only be open the second Tuesday of each month, between the hours of six and eight.
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I'd like to know the exact number (or a more precise rounded figure) of their attendance in the last 3 seasons. If the park's attendance was "flat" from 2005, then I would consider that to be an increase due to a shorter season.

It would be nice if they added back a weekend or two in September, though.

All parks have shorter seasons. All cedar fair parks have shorter seasons to get out of debt from the billion dollar transaction from when they bought paramount parks.

Now how would not being open thus not making money help them get out of debt?

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well for starters they wouldnt have to pay to staff the parks.
I'm still wondering...

What's the difference between "Noon - Midnight" and "12PM - 12AM"?

becuase they didnt just cut the hours for no reason.. the looked at the history they dont have turn styles for nothing... they count how mnay people are riding and they take hourly numbers. and i guess those numbers for those hours that are gone were low....

so why pay staff for like 50 guests?

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What is with the 12p-12a hours on a Friday in September? Even Cedar Point doesn't open until 6pm that day. The calendar colors must not be right.

Maybe they're hoping to draw us in during the day on our way to Cedar Point ;)

I agree, though, it's probably a mistake.

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Must be due to all that damned global warming going on these days...

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The only Friday I see them open on in September is on the last weekend of the year. Those hours are posted as 6pm to midnight. That is probably going to be Oktoberfest.
If I was an employee I would be quite disappointed. Having a job for only 4-5 months per year is not that great of a situation to be in. Finding strictly winter employment would not be an easy task every year.

I like disco.
^Not a problem for college kids.

I am still wondering how much longer till we see a dorm in the old Sea World parking lot.

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