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Alright, here goes my first trip report. I'm not going to give you all the details of my day, just my more general observations.

The Good/Positive stuff:

-I was expecting huge crowds at the park because it was a holiday and lots of people had the day off. I couldn't have been more wrong. Upon arriving at the park around 11:00am we found the park to have very few crowds. All the rides were pretty much walk-ons all day! Not to mention that with a discount coupon we got in for $21.95!

-Mr. Hyde's Nasty Fall was actually running!

- We took a spin on the monorail since it is rumored to be removed. I heard a rumor that day saying that they might add kiddie rides where the old water park/wave pool is now.

-I like the added effects on the Dino Island simulator.

- The Riptide Run lazy river was the best one I have been on. I really like the mini wave machine at the far end.

- I liked the Pepsi-plunge log flume, I thought it was a good ride, but it does take up a lot of room so I wouldn’t be surprised if it was removed.

The Bad/negative stuff:

- I found most of the staff that day to be horrible. Every single one looked pissed off and moved as slow as they could- ride ops and food vendors. I was very disappointed- I would have thought Cedar Fair would have got better employees or trained/supervised them better. Or maybe it was because they had to work on a holiday, idk.

- The Robots of Mars show was a waste of time. Although some of the effects were cool, they were the same ones they used on the simulator and the show was really corny, the storyline hard to follow. They need a show with characters that people are familiar with.

-We only saw 1, maybe 2 inside/sit-down restaurants to eat. It was about 90 degrees out and we wanted to sit inside and couldn’t find one anywhere close by. They need more inside attractions- places to eat and maybe a dark ride to get out of the heat and sit down for awhile.

-The prices for games were crazy expensive. From the parks I’ve been to this summer, Hershey Park had the best staff and game/food prices.

-Not really a negative I just thought it was funny that the longest line all day was for the Liquid Lightning waterslide.

Coasters: Luckily we were able to ride all 10 coasters at least once, some more than once, and some we wish we hadn’t rode at all. Despite low crowds most coasters had 2 train operation.

-X-flight: A fun, unique coaster. It’s cool to tell your non-enthusiast friends that you’ve been on a flying roller coaster.

-Headspin: I dislike boomerangs, I don’t get why the general public loves them so much. The forward part is ok, but I hate going backwards on those rides.

-Villain: I rode in the front car and it was still a very rough ride. Didn’t hardly get any airtime either and it hurt my back.

-RWB: The first ¼ of the ride was good. The rest was awefull and very rough.

-Thunderhawk: Vekoma SLC, enough said.

-Beaverland Mine Train: This was the only coaster in the park that I hadn’t been on before, so we went on it so I could get the credit, my 63rd different coaster!

-Steel Venom: Pretty fun, although Wicked Twister is better and I dislike the brake on the back spike.

-Big Dipper: A fun coaster, got some good air, but after riding the Phoenix about a month ago it just doesn’t compare.

-Double loop: Crappy padding= pain on back. This ride takes up a lot of room, wouldn’t be surprised to see it go.

-Batman, er I mean Dominator: Probably my favorite coaster in the park, good ole B&M!

Overall I had a good day. We were only there from 11-7:00, but got in over 25 different rides, went to the waterpark, and played lots of games. I can’t wait to see what Cedar Fair has in store for the future!

I went also. Staff sucked, cheer up guys and celebrate your independence!
I'm curious as to why everyone uses the "it's an SLC" response to how Thunderhawk was. Ever since Cedar Fair took over, the ride has been running great and I haven't had a single head-bang on any of my 5 rides this summer.
Agreed. Thunderhawk was smooth as silk compared to the other SLC's I've ridden. I was impressed to say the least.
Define staff trip this year was better than my CP trip. CP ride nazis with no personality being snobby.

Guess what.....if the staff is straight faced, not horsing around and not joking around they're doing their job. I don't get this considering all of my trips to CP have resulted in negative interaction with employees.

The staff hasnt been the most friendly, but hey it was a holiday, while we are riding rides they have to work on a holiday when most people were off. That kinda sucks. I think that might have had something to do with it, but seriously your job is to be courteous. However nothing beats the one guy standing guard at the Mine Ride at Cedar Point this weekend. He was acutally falling asleep on his stool, now that is classic.

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Can't say I blame the poor guy at Mine Ride. "Working entrance" is no easy job, especially when it's unbearably hot and you're hopelessly hung-over. Not that I would know anything about that. ;)

Rich G

Yeah, I firmly believe the fact everyone had to work on the holiday played a big part in it. Because any other day I've been there,( I'm there at least once a week) it's been quite good. So I'm sure people were just disappointed. And yes it is their job to be nice and courteous, but I mean cmon, would YOU be thrilled about working holidays? I don't think anyone is.
i agree, i am happy / courteous 99% of the time, but something about 4th of july at MFI i think i got a little snotty at guests for the first time in my entire life!

-- alan jacyszyn

I am happy, nice and courteous most of the time. It's just when people don't follow the rules that I get a little snippy and mean. Oh yeah and I was lucky enough to have the 4th off. Unfortuantly I have to work my fav holiday weekend (Halloween). Well see ya later.


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