Geauga Lake 7/28-7/29

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We got to the park around 8 PM on Saturday night to find the parking gate staffed. We just went ahead and handed them our KIMaxx Pass to see if we could get free parking. After a couple of minutes, we were told they can not scan it and that would not matter since it was 8 pm and they were not charging for parking now. Well, then why are they even sitting there??? Odd but expected I guess.

We got a spin on Dominator (my first floorless). Not sure what I expected but I would give it a 7 out of 10. Not the unique experience I expected. Then my son got a spin on the Top Spin and we hit the Ferris wheel and left. Park was fairly croweded.

Next day we got there at opening to sign in with our passes (just like at Cedar Point). It is amazing how much work they have to do to validate these passes. We then got in at opening and ran the park. Boys did Headspin a couple of times and then we hit Big Dipper. That ride is 10 times better than I remember. We were at this park the last time it was called Geauga Lake and SeaWorld was across the lake. Only other new coaster to ride was Villian and it felt like a wood coaster on steel. Lots of slamming and hard hits but not too bad. I say a 7 out of 10. The park had a good crowd again but lines always seem to move quickly. Also noticed the park workers seemed friendly and it was clean. We did go to the water park side and the kids did the rides there. They said it was ok, but nothing special. The food was pricy but not too bad. RWB was closed and so we did not get a spin on it.

All in all, it was a good day at the park. Much better than I had heard about it and expected worse. I would visit again.

One funny, just as you approach the main gate, there was a sign that reminded you that X-flight and Steel Venom had been permanently removed. That was just too funny to see a sign like that.

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There was something odd about seeing that ride removal sign. I think in the end, Im glad they put it out to be up front about it.

I was there both days as well this weekend. Nice and busy both times.

It makes me happy to read about all the postive things about Geauga Lake.

Where did u stay? GL hotel?

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