Geauga Lake 6/9/07 (Griswoldian slip)

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Well, we planned our first trip ever to GL, so at 7:00am we loaded the crew into the Family Truckster to head north 2 1/2 hours from Columbus.

An uneventful drive with my wife, kids and a neighbor from down the street.

Then we arrived around 9:30... "Sorry folks we're closed for two weeks to clean and repair America's favorite family fun park, Sorry!"

Not quite, the sign actually said "We are closed today for a private function as advertised."

I was on their website Thursday & Friday planning what rides I wanted to hit, and what entertainment, but not once did I think to check the calendar (Who would suspect a park that has attendance issues to close to the public the second Saturday of June?)

After a few expletives, and finally a couple of laughs at the turn of events, we grabbed a map at BP then headed to CP.

We arrived at CP 10:45, and had a great time. 2 rides on Maverick were the highlight, That ride is awesome!

SFGAd is closed on the same day (yearly, though I'm not sure if it's the same weekend every year). Especially at a park that big I personally think no "buy-out" money is worth all the pissed off guests and the word of mouth they would spread. Even I would never think to check any big park calendar between memorial day and laborday to see if they are open! *** Edited 6/11/2007 1:59:48 AM UTC by Peabody***

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I feel you pain Buckeye beast! I once flew to Mexico City to hit the Coaster at Chapultepec Park but when I got there It was closed for Maintainence! :(

Returning Home I got a newsletter from ACE Informing me it was going to be closed while the facilities were being overhauled. NOW YOU TELL ME!!!

Answer My Prayers, Overbook my next Flight!

It's kind of early for Cleveland Clinic day, but even for that they didn't do a 'closed to the public' thing.

I wouldn't have thought to check a calender this early in the season either, but from now on I will.
Thanks for posting this.

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I talked with a guy yesterday and he said it was the Mead Corporation. For the right price, you can guarantee any park will take a buy-out. You figure a park that is "struggling" will take the guaranteed cash from the buy-out, not to mention the potential money in games and merchandise.
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Sorry to hear about your trip Buckeye, but I'm glad you were able to salvage it and go to CP.

I think in this type of a situation a park website could better inform someone with a pop-up from the start, something along the lines of what the Kennywood website is doing for the construction alert. It's not able to be blocked by a pop-up blocker either.

This happened to someone a few years back with King's Island under the same circumstances and posted their story here.

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Keep in mind, GL has another buyout on Sept 9. This is usually when the Progressive Insurance buyout takes place.

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