Geauga Lake 5/22/04

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When I first walked into the park it was deserted, all the rides were walkons.

Villain- This ride was running great with no lines. Two trains were being ran on it. It had a pre-recorded saftey message thingy.

Double Loop- I didn't get a chance to ride it but I noticed it had two trains running

Dominator- Ride was running great with two trains running. I notices it had a pre recorded saftey thingy with some cool music after it that was timed with the trains dispatch which added a cool effect

Thunderhawk- Ride was running well with two trains. I only got one ride on it

Steel Venom- This ride was being test ran but I don't think it was open at all.

X-Flight- This ride was running great with no lines. Both stations were running

It was a great day at the park with no lines for any of the rides.

2005 Villain Laps: 72 2005 Geagua Lake Visits: 33 2004 Geauga Lake Visits: 29
Thanks for that, Peppermint.

Makes me really glad I got to spend the day dredging out my basement when I had originally planned to head up to GL for the afternoon.


Both Stations open on X Flight? Are you sure? Just kidding. Glad to see the turn around! Did you have to climb over a huge mountain of book bags to get into the Q line?


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