Geauga Lake 5/2/04 (short)

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coasterzak and i decided to head on over to the park around 4:00 Sunay evening. We arrived and did not even have to pay to park - the temperature was about 45 degrees and there were ELEVEN cars in the parking lot. Here, in the two hours Zach and I spent at the park, are the rides we went on:

Head Spin: 1 ride in the back seat, was very smooth and we were the only ones in the train!!

Thunderhawk: 1 ride, front seat. Once again, very smooth and the best ride I have had on an SLC. The only ones on the train again.

Dominator: 2 rides, front seat and back seat. The amount of airtime this thing can get on the MCBR is amazing, and the drop and loop were awesome. A great ride.

RWB: Still closed for retracking

Big Dipper: Closed

Steel Venom: Closed

The Villain: 1 ride, front seat. The ride was running great and the trick track is nearly gone. The smoothest ride ever on the Villain for me.

Double Loop: 1 ride, front seat. Same old Arrow looper, very well maintained.

X-Flight: 3 rides, middle seat. The ride seemed rougher than normal and was only running one train, one side of station.

Overall, a good day at the park. It was freezing, but when do you get to go to GL when there are MAYBE 30 people there? We left only because the park closed at 7. The Texas Twister was running, rode that too. Zach and I had fun, and will soon be writing trip reports for CP next Sunday.

The park service was very friendly too, even in the cold weather. I see nothing but good things for my home park in the future.


Is there anything over at the "Sea World" side of the park or is it blocked off? I understand why CF got rid of the animals, but I will still miss the shows.

#1 Steel: Sky Rush
#1 Wood: Voyage
#1Park: Holiday World

CP ismyhome - click here for numerous detailed reports about the Sea World side, and the park as a whole.

Nice TR. Sounds like it would have been cool to be there. I had several trips to WoF on days like that when I was younger.

Down is the new up.

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