Geauga Lake 2007 Opening Date May 27th

Who the hell is Beatrice and what does she have to do with amusement parks?

What people are talking about with the ride removals and rethemes and revamps isn't going to happen until the company as a whole is not looking to acquire any more parks, is happy with the operating conditions at their other parks, and has a very successful year. The types of "improvements" we're talking about here are going to cost probably nearly as much as it cost to buy the entire park outright. The place (GL) needs to first post the kinds of profit that would justify such a move and Cedar Fair as a company needs to display a more confident corporate-wide position. Last few years, they've been a little disappointed in Cedar Point's figures (to my knowledge), plus they now have the Paramount acquistion to deal with (although I doubt that will take too long to get integrated, those parks were in pretty good shape to start with).

Maybe in 2 years with a shortened Geauga season that reduces costs where they're least offset by revenue, thereby increasing park profits, an increase at Cedar Point due to their new thrills-for-everyone focus and a general company-wide increase in confidence that they're profitable and well-operated, you might see the $100 million investment that you're all talking about to do a rideswap program, retheme Geauga and really get it headed down the path it needs to go. Until then, they just need to put the park in a position to succeed, protect it from things that have proven to cost the park money (and profit) and let it ride. Which I think is exactly what they're doing with this brilliant move to eliminate (over the past couple of years) what works and what doesn't work.

And Chuck, when did you go from an intelligent poster to one of those whiny, annoying anti-Corporate types that accuses "Corporate America" for everything wrong with the world from pollution to your grass needing mowed when it's raining? Corporations make money, that's how the economy works. If they didn't you wouldn't have ANY parks. So give up the childish, idealistic anti-Corporate line, it's not the answer to EVERY single post.

Brett, Resident Launch Whore Anti-Enthusiast (the undiplomatic one)
Dominator and X-Flight aren't going anywhere. They are the park's star attractions on that side, and diversify it from the other parks in the region. Their removal would make GL even more like everyone else. However other rides I could see them removing. Head Spin perhaps? God forbid, but SV?

I'm just saying the likelyhood of Dom and X-F getting removed is very slim to none. You could keep those two, Big Dipper, Wolf Bobs and Villain, and have it still be different from the other guy.

However you could avoid all of this by simply moving the happy harbor flats to the old waterpark and former hyde location, and expand WWK to fill one whole side of the lake, while all the rides are on the other.

This would really bring much needed life to the 50's area, along with eliminating confusion as to why the waterpark has some dry rides and one has to walk a mile to just to ride if they want to. You could kill two birds with one stone using that simple fix.

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