Geauga Lake - 5.31.2004

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Just wanted to comment on the park as this is my first time there this year.

We got to the park around 12:30 and had someone guide us into a parking spot which is always a nice stress free way to start the day. I overheard the parking guy say to his co-worker that this is as far as they made it out into the parking lot this year. It was far from busy though.

First ride was The Villain and it was a walk on with two trains running. It is amazing to me that even with only 2 ops on the platform that SFWOA couldnt get this coaster running at proper intervals. We were on and heading up the lift before the other train made it back. The ride was good with the trick track section being redone. But I dont think its running the way it should, maybe it was the partialy full trains, or the g-trains themselves. But the ride seemed to rattle and shift too much. Not what I was looking forward to after hearing the positive reports. Still a good ride, just dont think it's my favorite in the park anymore.

Big Dipper was down for awhile, but as soon as it was running again we hit it. I think ir replaced Villain as my favorite coaster at the park now. Its just so much fun and I find myself smiling like a little kid the entire time. The trees covering some of the dips really add to the ride too.

I thought the entire ride was getting re-tracked but only the first turnaround and the hill before it got the love. Its nice and smooth coming back now, very nice work. I hope the first drop gets it next year as its a little wash boarded.

Dominator was up and down for most of the day, some issue with the brakes on the final block not releasing but we did get one ride, but I had too much of a headache to enjoy it. It was a walk on with our train returning to an empty station. The crew was great.

RWB was still down and the path next to it was closed so I couldnt see what work was left. It doesnt look like it got too much though, was hoping to see the entire ride done, but all I saw was the first drop.

X-flight was running one train but they didnt need the second as we got on in one cycle. They had someone controlling the traffic onto the platform which is great. Nothing worse than an over crowded station.

That was about it really. Had a nice day with very little waiting. The park staff was nice, and worlds better than the six flags staff, especially in the ride operations dept.

Ps, dont see the shows.

So far all the the trip reports for Geauga Lake this year sound like the trip reports for SFWOA last year with different ride names, no mention of wildlife, and supposedly friendlier staff. I'm still not convinced I need to go back and try a park I already liked for reasons that don't exist anymore. Nice TR though and I'm happy you had a decent time.


Nice TR, glad you enjoyed your day. The park was so empty that our group left the park at 3:00. They didn't open the gates until 10 on Memorial Day. I thought the gates were supposed to open at 9:30? At any rate I was on the one Dominator train that got stuck on the MCBR and it didn't look like a whole lot was going on with the Extreme Sports show or whatever that is. Everything was a walk on and that was busy? I've seen busier days than that this year. Anyone been in the waterpark yet this year? It was too cold for our group. Also, I'm still confused with the inconsistencies. No rerides on this ride, the TL leaves and then all of a sudden you can ride it 5 times in a row. But hey, the Fun is Back! (c) . . . well kind of. The Fun might be back, but the crowds aren't.
Trust me, they'll show. People are starting to remember the commercials, at least in Pittsburgh. Geez, they're on every 2 hours. I've heard more than a few people talk about going later in the year once the weather gets warm enough (consistantly) to use the waterpark. I think that's going to be their biggest draw this year.

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Is Geauga Lake doing any Pepsi can discounts, or anything like that this year?

It'd probably be hard to get that all set up with the late notice.


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