Geauga Lake?

No, theres nothing interesting going on that I know of, just wondering from the few that know if there is anything going on at the park for 2007...besides their new pricing? Are they going to demolish the side of the park that used to be the water park? I would appreciate any news at all.
This topic name? This Topic?

Deleted or closed? Any news would be great.

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Really, was there a point to your post, at all?


As of yet, no news on 2007 at all and its not looking good either sadly. I really hope they do SOMETHING, as the ride side is going to waste with all the rides going down. Bel-Air, Venom, Hydes, Scraper is always broke, etc...

They would benefit greatly by bringing in cheaper, family attractions in the 50's area, plus an overhaul with neons and such. Bring in a tilt-a-whirl and some other flats, and you will be set for a year. Advertise some old favorites and you may bring back some customers from the past. People want to see the classic rides again, especially at that park.

I'm still optimistic... Kind of... :)

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timberguy's post had just as much of a point as this topic does. If there was news, it would be listed under "News." "The few that know" aren't going to share what they know just because someone asked under a poor topic title.

Be patient.

To be honest, does anyone really care? :)
Amen. Too bad the mainstream public usually doesn't think like the enthusiast!

I would love to see that whole corner turned into a nostalgic section. Some would condemn it as a "cheezy carnival" but I would love to see that whole section lit up with 50's style neon, with cool flats! Especially being right next to the roadway, it would be a awesome sight!

They could bring the scrambler, pirate ship, octopus (yeah,I know Geauga calls them all by unique names of their own but you know what I mean) from the water side of the park and place them there, and add some others. That would help fill the "new" flat section with items they already have, allow room to add something else to the water side where the rides sat, and separate the two... it is kind of a pain to travel all the way to the "other" side when all you want to do is ride those flats! Seems to kill three birds with one stone... at a minimal cost.

That park needs some charm and excitement added to it, fast.... too bad they probably won't stay open late enough to give it the full effect, though :( Kennywood had the same idea with the "lost Kennywood" section and that veered away from what it was intended to be...I wish someone would follow through on the concept!

Only plan I know of is demolition of the monorail. I learned on CP's closing day that it was official.

I am unaware of any other changes for 2007 that are public knowledge.

It is sad to see the monorail go, as it was one of my favorite rides at the park (mainly for sentimental reasons as I had enjoyed operating that ride). I just hope they either tear out the rest of Crap Corner, or find some new rides to put in the place of the ones taken out in the last decade.


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Topic names like this just create more work for those of us that like to make the most of thier time online. Extra clicks suck. "Any proposed changes for Geauga Lake?" would have been nice. I am just being a grouch because I dislike poor names for threads.

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I'd like to see them do something with the 'dead-zone' concrete swamp area. Plant some trees, put in a dark ride, just do something with it. With no major, or minor addition announcement, hopefully this will be their winter project.

I've got my fingers crossed.

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Sorry about being blatent on the subject, I agree its boring, but seriously its a local park with no news...and they desperatly need way more attendance.... Also with so much of the rides down...they need something fast. I'm sad to hear about the monorail. I hope they really clean the place up and do something great instead of sticking their thumbs up their butt and do nothing, the place looks a mess with all the fencing and open unfinished areas and unused land.
Alright I know the subject is old, but there is a few rumors for Geauga is that the monorail is being demolished...obviously some demolition (we hope), X-flight being torn down and moved to a new location in the park, and last but not least, relocating the main entrance on the ride side of the park to a differant location to improve traffic. There is one also that they want to extend or/and improve parking. I'm not sure if any of these rumors are true, has anyone heard anything or can anyone verify this information?

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^Didn't they just get a waterpark? What else do you want? Plain and simple, I just want to say a couple things about the park in general. I believe that a lot of the roller coasters are rough, and it's not that easy to get to. On top of that, you have Cedar Point only 30 minutes (I think) away. So, they put a waterpark in just so people could actually stay more than 2 hours, or so.

The park just has rough rides all over the place. They even have the Inverter (Time Warp) in which people would say bad things about that. And here I'm going to go the other way, but I do like this park. I like Steel Venom, Head Spin (Yes, it's rough.), Double Loop (To some people it's rough. However, it's still completely way too short.), and Dominator (This is awesome.).

For X-Flight, I'm really iffy on it. I guess I'm more iffy on the bad side. I think the rest of the roller coasters just are awful. That's 5 even though ones a kiddie. So, who cares if the park has 10 coasters? It doesn't matter if 5 stink. This is just my opinion. I do like the Octopus, Wipeout, and the Hay Bailer though. I don't like there River Rafting Ride, and Dino Island was also really rough.

So, I understand why people are coming for the waterpark, and why it's quite cheap. You can go about the Cedar Point VS Six Flags, but I've been on the rides, and all of them aren't superior especially the roller coasters. People say bring back the animals to the park, but what does that help. It's just a diversion to what really is wrong over there (some of the rides--not saying the water rides). *** Edited 11/17/2006 11:59:39 PM UTC by Ilovthevu'***

IMHO a waterpark is a waterpark and a amusement park is a amusement park. Sure the waterpark seems to be bringing people in.

However, Im not driving 200 miles for a waterpark when there are two within five miles of my house.

I love Geauga but something is seriously missing since the changeover, Sure the staff's a bit nicer but the food still sucks and there just seems to be a dead feel to it.

Chuck, who can go there and have fun but they need a little more variety and not just coasters to be a traditional.

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That's to bad! I'll cry for Gl tonight!

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Yea theirs nothing going on at Michigan's Adventures either and I would like news.

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