Geauga Guide posts opening day update

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Geauga Guide has updated with 96 photos from Geauga Lake's opening day on May 7, 2005. The photos show new attractions Dino Island II and Robots from Mars as well as other park improvements.

Link: Geauga Guide

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They cover alot but Geauga Lake Today I think has better coverage, only because Geauga Guide repeats their photos.*** This post was edited by DC2Beltz3 5/9/2005 5:40:29 PM ***
Geauga Lake Today has a great opening day update. Just for future reference though, how does Geauga Guide repeat their pictures?
Check out the links above the 96 pictures gallery, then go look at the 96 pictures, a lot of them repeat.*** This post was edited by Dominator56 5/10/2005 12:43:44 PM ***
Oh, ok. They all repeat. The gallery was just a quick way for me to get my pics up. The commentary gives a more detailed description of what is new at Geauga Lake and to be honest I thought that was going to be the only place people were going to look. I understand your comments now. The photos that were used in the commentary were 'the best' of the 96. I should've made it more clear. Thanks for replying.
No problem! I understand the layout now! :)
You know, watching Geauga Lake, Sea World Ohio, Six Flags Ohio, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure, Geauga Lake / Wildwater Kingdom over the past few years has been fascinating. I have never been to the park before, but seeing pictures makes me think of somebody playing a real life game of Roller Coaster Tycoon. Whenever I play that game, I tend to build up a park until it is full and popular, then close it, tear everything down, kick everyone out, and start over again. It's sad to think how much money the changing of hands over the years has wasted. However, it is nice to think of all the people who have been employed to construct the various versions of these/this park.
This park is one of the best parks in the country to visit. Short lines and great coasters. That is hard to beat.

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