Gatlinburg Mountain Coaster Closed After Woman Thrown From Ride

I discovered that from the car park outside this morning when there was nobody else in sight twenty minutes after scheduled opening.

Having ridden the other three in the area today, I have to say that they're disappointing compared to the European ones. The two Wiegand models in Pigeon Forge both braked automatically on the way into the corners, and the less said about the ADG model at Ober Gatlinburg the better (if Arrow made alpine coasters...)

$15/ride too.

I only went to one in Pigeon Forge, and the name escapes me. It was the one that's not Goat Coaster (which was closed). Anyway, I went at night and I thought it was thrilling, especially the first trip down. After I knew what to expect it was a little more relaxing and I was a lot less panicked. Re-rides were 7, maybe 8 bucks if you still had the original ticket. And it was very busy on a nice cool evening.

I'm going to Europe in the fall and I hope to try one or more over there. They look lengthy-awesome.

So,... How did this lady fly off? The article is weird, and I think they meant "sled" not "slide". And she was a front passenger? And the operator says upon inspection there was nothing found but closed anyway because of a sensor issue? The sleds have a magnet in the front and rear to prevent crashes but there's no mention of a collision? Was she black? Should we send thoughts and prayers, or wait?

What really happened?

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Yeah, that is odd they would close for a 'sensor issue.' I'm really curious as to what happened. I felt secure with the seatbelt on. And I was led to believe the sled would slow down to a stop if the seatbelt was taken off. Perhaps, that could have been the sensor issue.

RCMAC, you didn't miss out on Goats on the Roof. That was the most disappointing one out of the bunch. Heavily braked throughout the whole course. You would feel yourself gaining speed and then slow down over and over again and it's a short course. And yes... $15 a ride. Got my credits. Probably won't do them again anytime soon.

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For those who haven't ridden yet, most of them have offered discounts to coaster clubs at various times. It's no guarantee, but it can't hurt to ask.

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There is a Wiegand model at Holiday Valley Resort in Ellicottville NY that does not have automatic braking in the corners, you can go wide open the entire way down.

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