Gardaland, Italy - Anyone been?

Afternoon all,

We've got a work junket coming up to Bergamo & Lake Como, Italy at the back end of september. I've got a spare day, so i'm considering packing the satnav and picking up a hire car for the two hour trip from our hotel to Gardaland. According to the website it's Italy's biggest theme parks, but then the Europeans are known to exaggerate their proportions.

Anyone been here and have any actual thoughts on it? I'd much prefer a fellow thrill-seekers opinion instead of internal marketing!!!!


No, of course nobody has ever been to Gardaland. They've been open for years without a single visitor. Sheesh.

I'll ignore the sarcasm and clarify ;)

I meant has anyone here been there?

Sheesh. ;)

EDIT: Just read your TR Rich - maybe I won't bother with it this year....... *** Edited 7/26/2007 10:26:50 AM UTC by Bazzanoid*** *** Edited 7/26/2007 10:27:34 AM UTC by Bazzanoid***

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