Game Console Owners More Likely To Visit Theme Parks

I loved Vice City! Though, I'll admit, I see no reason to play any of the other GTA games if you've played one. Vice City was the reason I bought my PS2. (Well, that and Kingdom different can you get? :)) I own GTAIII but have never played it because anything I want to do I can do in VC and I like the 'atmosphere' more.

My only problem with the series is actually the 'driving' part of the game. After you basically become "kingpin", you have to do all these other side mission which all involve more driving that shooting and, quite frankly, the driving control sucks, especially compared to say Burnout 3.

So after I got to that point, I'd basically just collect a bunch of sniper and rocket launcher ammo, get a helicopter, camp out on a roof (usually Sunshine Autos) and try and steal different police vehicles. I've always found getting the SWAT van the hardest because my wanted level goes up from four to five too quick from shooting down all the helicopters. I find it great fun! :)

lata, jeremy
--who's GTA:VC memory card got stolen and is thinking about getting Vice City Stories and play that instead

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