Galaxyland, Edmonton, Alberta - Early September

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Me and my friends arrived at the park at around 11:00 am. It was very cold outside, so we were very glad that the park is entirely indoors. I will rate the attractions on a scale of 1 to 10.

Disco Dynamo: 5/10. A Himalaya-type ride with swinging cars. Kinda fun, but only if you try looking backwards while the ride is spinning. Good way to get dizzy. 1 ride.

Autosled: 4.5/10. This little roller coaster was quite boring, but amusing in a strange way. Almost no force to speak of, unless you raise your hands at the dive near the end of the first helix. 2 rides.

Cosmic Spin: 1/10. A horrible addition to the park. This ride just spins on two axis, without flipping you upside down, or even reaching average walking speed. And, to make matters worse, riders get stuck with OTSR's for no apparent reason. 1 ride. Will never ride again.

Turbo Ride Theatre: 7.5/10. A very fun ride theatre. The attraction has a surprisingly large screen (3 stories?), and movements realistic enough to make you feel like you are in the move. I saw two movies on this trip, 7th Portal and Warrior of the Dawn. 2 rides.

Bumper Cars: 4/10. Your average bumper cars. Slightly fun, but only worth one ride (unless your with a clumsy person, like one of my friends, who tripped getting out of one of the cars on a previous trip). 1 ride.

Galaxy Twister: 7/10. One of the always-fun Top Spin rides. I was surprised to find that the ride sequence had been changed when I went. 1 ride.

Swing of the Century: 7/10. A very fun ride to go on with friends. Try re-enacting The Matrix. Stupid but fun. 3 rides.

Balloon Ferris Wheel?: 4/10. A small ferris wheel. Doesn't have a good veiw (for some reason, it's located right by a wall), and the points it gets are only because it's a nice place to relax. It's mild enough that you can lay down on the floor of this ride, and the ride op doesn't even care. 2 rides.

Cosmic Bounce: 5/10. This ride was exactly like the Frog Hopper rides that S&S manufactures. In fact, I think S&S made this one. It was fun, but without the essential thrills that large freefall rides offer. Somehow, this ride was scarier than the much larger and forceful Space Shot. 1 ride.

Perilous Pendulem: 7/10. I had ridden this ride only once before (1 and a half years ago), and had practically vowed to never ride it again. One of my friends managed to bribe me into going on it, and I actually found myself having fun. Unlike the last time, I didn't expect the restraints to open up at any moment. Also, this ride has a nice veiw of the surrounding areas of Edmonton, and is considerably tall, at maybe 100 ft. 1 ride.

Space Shot: 9.5/10. One of the best rides I've ever been on. I've ridden a much larger S&S tower ride, but this one has nice visual effects, thanks to the tower it's located in. If you ride on the side farthest from the pathway, you will get an awesome footchopper effect. 4 rides.

The Mindbender: 10/10. The almighty roller coaster. Incredibly intense, superbly fast, and paced with expert precision. This ride is the largest indoor coaster in the world, and one of the most intense. The first three drops likely hit around 2 negative G's, while the loops are taken at 6.4 G's (almost the world record - 0.1 G off!). Also, one of the trains seems to have gotten new restraints. They're still the old horsecollar, but they don't come down during the ride anymore. Also, the same train now runs one car backwards. Not being able to tell where you're going is amazing! (only) 3 rides.

All in all, it was a great day. None of my friends actually went on The Mindbender or Space Shot, but they've already got me going back in a couple of weeks. And, just an interesting fact - I only spent about 2.5 hours in the park, and I got on nearly all the rides, some more than once. God bless uncrowded parks!

In this country we have laws. Why do you think I took you to see all those Police Academy movies? - Homer J. Simpson

Perilous Pendulem, what kind of ride is this?

Any how, only TR I've ever seen on the East Edmonton Mall Park, LOL.
I've been eyeballing that Mindbender for ages, AGES I tell you, now it also has a backwards aspect! It's just all too far away, they should've built closer to North Carolina;).......

The perilous pendulem is a large inverting swingship. It flips you upside down a couple of times in two different directions, and then comes to a stop.

In this country we have laws. Why do you think I took you to see all those Police Academy movies? - Homer J. Simpson

It is really great that the Mindbender received new restraints! I was at the park a few weeks ago and the restraints were the same old "shoulder crushers"; the new restraints will most definitely be most appreciated by rider and upper body alike!

Also, Cosmic Bounce is a Moser ride. Additionally I'm almost positive that Galaxy Twister is not a Huss Top Spin.

Glad you had fun! I go to the park every couple of month’s maybe we could meet up some time?


Yeah, CoasterMan, that'd be cool if we could meet up.

In this country we have laws. Why do you think I took you to see all those Police Academy movies? - Homer J. Simpson

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