great park!

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all the rides are good accept the viper..there too much movement..wen i got out of that ride i had a back pain and a worse can it get?lol...chiller is good but its too fast and short..than goodness the ride has lapbars instead of shoulder restraint(on the chiller).....nitro-steep drop,very fun and scary...medusa-smooth and fast-l loved it!....superman ultimate flight..good-sensation of "flying"...runaway train- more like a kid type ride but i still enjoyed it.....batman the ride..great ride but its too low..its not high!.....great american scream machine..not too good but still good...all in all 8 0ut of 10!
There's this thing called proper English that we use on these forums. Please use it.

There are only 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary and those who dont.
theres also a thing called i was in a hurry and people can still read even though its not "proper english"....
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If its not proper english, don't bother, we don't want that crap here. Ya feel me?
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When I hear about all the complaints of various Six Flags parks, I have to remember our trip to GrtAdv. Everything (except for Viper) was running and we loved everything. The employees were very nice and we had nothing bad to say about the park.

Nitro ROCKS!! I so wish CP had something like that instead of No Thrill Dragster.

Medusa was my fav floorless until Dominator (fka: Batman Knight Flight)

If GrtAdv wasn't such a long drive you can bet we'd be going back again this season. I'm kind of sorry we didn't hit it up after CoasterMadness at Dorney this June.

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I just took a trip out to the east coast and SFGAdv. was one of the most disappointing parks on my trip. I have read a few reviews of the park and was looking forward to it and found that it was the typical Six Flags park. I did not think any of the rides were truly stand out but most of the coasters were fun rides. I'm glad you had a good time, I was just expecting more.
Sorry ride of steel but if you don't want this crap here, why do you even bother looking at ithis report and reply to it? you feel me?Luv raptor>> so u liked nitro, me too, it's the best!
He didn't know it was going to be so poorly written when he read it, and decided to comment.

crazycoasterfan!, do you remember when you signed up to use these forums? You clicked on something that said that you had read and agreed to the Terms of Service. Apparently you lied when you clicked that, because you either didn't read the TOS, or you don't understand it.

Do yourself a favor, if you want to post here without people giving you a hard time, go read, re-read, and then read it again. TOS is under the "About Coasterbuzz" option to your left.

You are required to use proper english on this forum, regardless of being in a hurry. You agreed to that when you clicked "Yes"

Let the moderators lecture him. I think some of you have the TOS speach copied so you can just paste it in order to get a post on these 'soon-to-be-closed' threads. Just think to yourself "Man, that guy is an asshat.", and move on.

- End pointless rant about nerdy TOS speach writers.

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Wow, someone lecturing me about lecturing someone else, isn't that a bit of irony...
...come on guys...aren't you familiar with the new trendy ellipsis form of trip reporting by now...? ...writing...capitalization...proper spelling... actual sentence structure is so last week...
okay who every heard of proper english on a forum like this???
are we in english class?
geez give the guy a break....go find something else better to do with your lives.
THIS SITE IS ABOUT COASTERS!!!! not english class!!!!!
Granted, it is about Coasters and not English class... and no one (well, most at least) are not concerned about the occasional spelling mistake, a missed capital letter, a misplaced prepositional phrase, etc etc etc....


The post that kicked all of this off... the way it was worded, I don't think an English class would help. Psycho therapy, perhaps.

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It's pathetic that people are trying to defend this style of writing. I have nothing against you being illiterate, but I enjoy being able to read posts.

Never Has Gravity Been So Uplifting.

Ever get the feeling some people come here and post like this to piss some of you off becuase they know the site is heavily moderated?
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It is getting out of hand.

Its a forum on coasters, not english 101.

This site is supposed to be a fun site on coasters and amusement parks, but has turned into a linch mob type group of people that are just out to nab individuals who dont have the best writing skills.

If you dont like/or cant read the thread ............simple, dont respond.

If people would spend more time outside and away from there computer, maybe they wouldent be so anal about things.

Best writing skills?

The post that kicked this off demonstrated NO writing skill... and I am not even sure if Writing is the correct word....

To quote Robin Williams (impersonating Truman Capote)... "That's not writing... that's just typing"

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If you dont like the post................dont respond.

If spelling is such an an important part of your life, be a school teacher.

There is a big shortage of them.

The only reason I responded was because I am sick and tired of people wining about spelling and grammer on this site.

Granted his post was not the best thought out/spelled post on coasterbuzz, but why bother responding than? If you dont like his post, dont respond.........simple.

Hold it... let me translate into something that you might understand....

KrazeeHoarse... i wuzint reespondin 2 hiz post az much az ur highhoarsed defenze uv et.

(English translation: I wasn't respoding to his post, as much as your high horsed defense of it.)

"Yes... well... VICTORY IS MINE!"

crazy horse said:

The only reason I responded was because I am sick and tired of people wining about spelling and grammer on this site.

Did you mean "whining" and "grammar"?

Granted his post was not the best thought out/spelled post on coasterbuzz, but why bother responding than?

Did you mean "then"?

Ok, I'll stop now.

Closed topic.

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