features new aerial construction photos

Posted Monday, February 7, 2005 9:34 AM | Contributed by Chewman

Great Adventure Source has posted twelve new construction photos highlighting the construction of Kingda Ka and the new themed area, Golden Kingdom. The photos show the snow-covered park grounds and detail of the Golden Kingdom construction as well as work on Kingda Ka's station.

Link: The Great Adventure Source

Tuesday, February 8, 2005 12:36 AM
Mamoosh's avatar Its a shame the layout isn't a mirror image so when you crested the top hat you were looking down on the park instead of the parking lot.
Tuesday, February 8, 2005 5:27 PM
janfrederick's avatar Having never been there, could someone elaborate on the "double" skyride?
Tuesday, February 8, 2005 10:06 PM
Better Capacity, as it is a long and slow ride. but still only one side is ever open.

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