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Sat. - see Black 7's report.

Also, B train on Nitro was having computer problems and was running the 9th row empty. The A train was running fine.

Sun. - Gotham City friction at an all time high

Got there around 11a. It was pretty darn cold. Both Robin AND B:TR had vallied. That has to be a record. Robin between the CR and the Zero-g, Batman between the final cork and the last turn. No Batman side of chiller either day. We saw them winch B:TR's train back into the station later in the day but it never re-opened. Nitro (A train) and Medusa were both running single trains early. Medusa got its second by the mid afternoon, and Nitro got the B-train out of the shed with the 9th row still running empty. (What the C train is doing is beyond me).

All waits both days were less than 20 with everything but peak times being a walk on for everything.

Looking forward to S:UF's opening and the station and area look better and better each time.
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Where did B: TR valley? I was there yesyerday and it is great with the walk-ons.

Sean Newman

...still not as cool as watching Robin valley in the cobra roll :)

I wish I'd gone, though. I'm going to begin keeping a track record of coasters I've seen valley.

Oh man how many times has Chiller valleyed anyway? Last year it valleyed like 3 times.
B:TR vallied? Wow. I am amazed. Especially after hearing that the one at SFMM has never vallied. I have never seen a coaster roll back before, but I was in line for Revolution (SFMM) and a train never made it back to the station and they closed it down the rest of the day. Another time at the same park, I saw Deja Vu resting in the cobra roll.

Nice TR. Darn those cold park days.

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