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Wasn't too happy about only getting one lap on S:UF yesterday, so I headed out early today to ride some more. Got to the park around 9:50. Waited in the plaza for a bit and when the rope dropped, calmly walked over to S:UF. People were running all over the place and yet I still managed to get on the first train of the day (with 3 or 4 empty rows...I have no idea where the 50 or so people that ran ahead went). S:UF was running two trains in a very well done operation. Dispatches were fast and people had very little trouble figuring out the restraints and getting in and out of the trains.

Rode 6 times, most of them in the back row. The pretzel was intense and as the ride warmed up a little bit, it got faster and faster. It is funny to listen to the screams go dead as the train plows through the bottom of the element. It has to be one of my favorite single elements (behind X's skydive drop, Hypersonic's launch and tower) anywhere.

Left the park around 12:15. It was getting cold and it looked like Nitro was having difficulties.

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I only got one ride on Thursday too. It was cold! I was next in line to get on when they decided to put on a second train. That was obviously a mistake. They couldn't get the trains to move and the people who had just left out of the station on the ride had to stay in the flying position for twenty minutes before they manually released them.

Also on Thursday Nitro, Batman and B&R: The Chiller all didn't open on time. I might be headeing back tomorrow.

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I headed out tonight and got my first two laps on it after being closed last night and never re-opening. It was better than expected, having only ridden 2 of the 3 Vekoma flyers previously. I knew that the B&M version would be great, but wow, it is actually something I could see myself re-riding rather than just a gimmicky "one ride is enough" coaster. It's smooth, comfortable, and the pretzel loop is intense.

I can only imagine what it will be like when a park really puts some big bucks into a custom B&M flyer, with several new elements and a longer ride time, but until then, I have a B&M flyer at my home park and I'm content.
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