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Monday, September 10, 2001 7:34 PM
First off I gotta say thanks to chillforce and all the others who reported that robin was runnin again.

We left pa around 930 and didn't get down to jackson till about noon. As soon as we entered the park we saw the parking lot wasn't filling too bad so we knew that it should be a day at the park. As soon as we entered the park we noticed a sign that said "season pass fastlane-closed for the season". Once we went over to guest relations we saw that the line for fl was HUGE. I was at least a half hour wait so we decided we couldn't wait, we had to go ride chiller.

Chiller-Since i've never ridden this before I had no idea what to expect especially now with the new lap bars. The first time we rode the wait was about an hour. The crews were dispatching trains pretty fast considering all the people who couldn't figure out how to use the seat belts. It was funny to see people trying to put the seat belt over their shoulders trying to figure out where to connect it. Once we got up to the station we opted to go in row three. The cars are pretty tight but yet still comfortable, every thing is very well padded. The launch on the ride is incredible and the cobra roll is extremely smooth. The twist is cool and doesn't feel normal with the lap bars. Overall I think it is the best forty seconds out there and second best ride in the park. Also I didn't see the ride break down all day. Over the course of the day we rode it four times.

Nitro-We didn't ride nitro till later in the day because it suffered some downtime in the afternoon. We went to ride for 6:00 cuz we had a pass. The fl line was really long. Because of that the op decided to board the fastlane people in one whole train which I though was a good idea. The ride is running great as usual especially at night because it's so damn dark out by the hammerhead. We got one ride in eight, three, and the last ride of the night in the front row. I prefer the front on this ride because of the great view of the first drop.

Skull mountain-Rode once. Fun little ride.

Blackbeards- Fun little ride for the kiddies. Rode once.

Freefall-A very noisy but very fun intamin first gen. I always try to get a few laps on these whenever possible.

We rode time warp and pendelum which are fun flat rides and should be in more parks. The we rode jumpin jack flash which I thought was a total waste. I usually don't mind all that spinning, but the gondolas spin in such a short radius. Because of all that, you hardly notice the ride going up and down. This makes a lot of noises, I don't like hearing, when the ride goes up and down. Because of that thing we had to spend about a half an hour on the bench.

We wanted to ride GASM, but that was down most of the day so we couldn't. We only ventured onto the medusa side to eat and to ride the log flume. Most of the day we spent in the movietown section of the park.

Overall the park seems very clean and very well run. The crews keeps the trains rollin on all the coasters especially nitro where we timed the wait from the nitro sign to the steps to be under ten minutes. I can't wait til next year now to ride through the tophat with lapbars.



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Tuesday, September 11, 2001 7:02 AM
Took a half-an-hour to recover from Jumping Jack Flash? Sounds like you're some flat ride light-weights:) I wish someone else in America would also get a Huss Jump. I can't wait to ride the Chiller with lapbars only.

Batwing-Bow Down

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 10:01 AM
I wasn't too bad, but my sister got pretty sick from it. Personally spinning doesn't usually bother me but this ride spins so much and on such a small radius I really didn't notice the rising and dropping that much and personally didn't get much enjoyment out of it.



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