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ok guys this is my first post and it my be a lil long so bare with me.

so decided to go to great adventure with my brother and friend chris. we got there around 830 900 and were the first people online to get into the part. now before the park even opened it was getting really crowded at the gates so i knew this was going to be a packed day at the park. so the gates open and i run the the rope to get a spot to run to kingda ka. everyone asked if it was goign to be open and all the security and workers said yes. so the park opens and we all run. ir an my butt off and got there first and this is were the day took a turn down hill.

just to mention half the rollercoastres were colsed

kingda ka: CLOSED. they said the tower got hit by lighting ina storm they ahd the night before and it fried the computer boards (thats what thye were saying). so they said it will open they just dotn know when. the cop thatw as at the ride was tellign people that they should go to to other rides cus they had no idea when it was opening and then he said and i quot "GUYS, THERE ARE 23 OTHER COASTERS IN THE PARK FOR YOU TO RIDE. I THINK YOU SHOULD GET ONLINE FOR THOSE" i was like what is this guy takign about. iw as so dumbfounded that he said that , that i laughed and just walked away. so after a 45 min wait i decided to go over to el toro.

el toro: Closed BUT did finaly open at 630 at night. crazy lines for this ride. we hope in line wait 2 hours, with both trains running ( they toom a long time to dispatch each trian. so we are next in line and then a fight happens in the station which made the wait about another 30 mins. but it was worth the wait. sat in the back and it was crazy. thats all i can say you have to ride it.

Superman: CLOSED

Great American Sream Machine: didnt open till around 2. rode it not much to say. gets rough and rough every time.

Rollign Thunder: slowest moving line in the world. the line started about half way through the quer tot he station and it wa still about and hour wait.

Medusa: rode it int he morning and the lien was not bad. went later on at night and it was through all the quer and our on to the walk way so we skipped it.

Nitro: full line but moved fast, like always great ride

Batman: full line sow e skipped it

Skull Mountain. full line , but rode it just to get out of the sun.

Log Flume: rode it early cus there was no line

Ferris wheel: got on with this guy and girl and the guy asked if he minds if he smoked sow e said na go ahead thinking it was a cig, but he pulle dout a fatty (weed) iw a sliek what ever if we get in trouble im rattin u out( but i didnt say it out loud)

The Chiller: still closed

this was probably the worst trip to the park i had ever had. all the gust were very upset the hole day. also i must say that the people workign the rides have no idea whats goign on in the park besdes the fact that they know the name of the rid that they are workign on. i asked the guys at rollign thunder if they knew about kingda ka and they said "oh it hought it was opened"

so im goign to stop know cus this is gettign really long and i do not want to kill you gusy with my typing

You almost killed me with your spelling...........

But anyway, I tried to go to the park yesterday, but when we saw that the lines were that packed, we just gave up and didn't even bother to buy tickets and go in (I am a passholder and had a free parking pass, so all we got was good exercise walking to and from the main gates.

I was there the night before, when the storm was was a big storm and there were a few close shots, so I imagine those were the ones hitting the coasters.

Haha no I'm not giving Patrick the finger

yea i ahve a season pass and parkign pass too. im probably goign to go back monday. i am assuming it was so crowded becuase it was 4th of july and everyone was off
It's reports like these that keep me sane and reminding me to keep my money in my pockets and plan a trip to Hershey, Dorney, or Knoebels instead :). I saw a bunch of discounts yesterday at my local Wendy's and the slight thought of going there occured, but good to say it's gone now that I've been reminded why I never went there before. I don't have enough money to chance spending more of it there then anywhere else and having a crappy day. *** Edited 7/4/2006 10:08:46 PM UTC by P18***
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You asked the people working Rolling Thunder the status of Kingda Ka and you actually expected an accurate, or at least informed answer? You mean like the ride attendants? *** Edited 7/4/2006 10:16:07 PM UTC by matt.***
That sucks for everyone who went on the 3rd, but of course the weather wasn't the park's fault. It seems Gadv is having a tough year, I had fun when I went a month ago, but missed El Toro. Ka was great, but I would have rather had an El Toro ride.
i was there on monday as well, it was horrendous. Really, an inexcusable performance. If Shapiro were there he would have flipped. But on the contrary, i was also there last wednesday, and it was really awsome. The only ride losed was Chiller, but all the Premeir LIMs are down right now (right?)... because of chiller's incident. The park employee's this day were happy, friendly, KNOWLEDGABLE, and helpful. Dispatch times were nothing to complain about, but can always improve. Another possible reason for MOndays bad performance is lack of staff. Gadv really has a problem w/ this. They also have a problem w/ local seasonal emplyee's jsut not showing up to work!

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