GADV - 5/27/02-LONG!!!

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wow before i say anything, today was a GREAT day at gadv. yesterday, my mom, dad, girlfriend, and i decided to take the trip. so we get to the park, and the parking lot was virtually empty. we all had our season passes, so we opted to take advantage of the special season pass entrance. we got in and me and my girlfrend figured since we were already at rolling thunder we would take a ride

Rolling Thunder-7/10-walk on 1st train of day This ride was actually really good today. it as unfortunately the right track, i was surprised by the airtime we had gotten. all in all, good ride.

Medusa-9/10-walk on-front row Well well well the mighty medusa. this ride is always one of my favorites, and considering everyone runs to nitro, this is like a ghost town in the morning. the zero-g roll was awesome today, and the mcbr was barely on so we had a real fast2nd hlf of the ride.

Skull Mountain-4/10-walk on This ride isnt that great, but my gf had never ridden before, so we gave it a whirl. it was pretty boring except for the first drop. that got me off guard. next was NITRO.

NITRO-10/10-5min wait wow, this baby was running great today. i was feelin the airtime on that 3rd hill like there was no tomorrow. the double helix was great, and not to mention the awesome bunny hills at the end. te ride-ops were also very cool, playfully agung with me about my millenium force shirt. i dont know wheter hes right or not, but he sais S:ROS at SFNE is better than nitro and the force. good stuff. whie we hit the brake run i saw chiller running, so i ran to chiller.

Batman:the chiller w/ LAPBARS-10/10-1hr10min ait for 3rd car-------THIS RIDE IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN IT USED TO BE. the new trains feel more snug, the lapbars really are comfortable, and the ride overall feels completely different. great airtime on the top hat and zero-g roll. i tink this is now in my top 10 coaster list.

Movietown Water Effect-6/10-walk on I enjoyed this quite a bit, seeing that it was very hot outside. we got soaked, but then the worst thing happened....THUNDERSTORMS. those little guys bug me. all the rides closed, so we decide to pull up and go home.

notes: GASM was running, but i didnt want a headache. Batman: the Ride was operational, but when we were on line, it broke for about an hour. then we got on line again, and the t-storms started. viper didnt run today. the park was pretty empty to my surprise, which made fr a great day at GADV.

nitro laps:24
medusa laps: 35
and hopefully many laps to come on the chiller with lap bars!!!!

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