Future of Pavilion land still unclear

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Piece by historic piece, the 58-year-old Pavilion building on the oceanfront has started to come down. As the historic building starts coming down, locals and tourists still are waiting to find out what will replace it. Burroughs & Chapin Co. Inc.'s redevelopment plan won't be released by year's end as the company estimated this summer.

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I've never ridden The Hurricane, but I honestly hope it bites the dust. Gerstlauer trains suck, and I haven't heard any good word on the coaster [addition] as a result.

I am saddened by the loss of the Pavillion though, as it was a big part of my teenage years as part of our family vacations. It was around that time that I could drive by myself, and I can still remember all the cars that were cruising up and down the road playing "Licence to Ill" by the Beastie Boys. Oh well, I shall return in 2008 for the Hardrock Cafe park.
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Jeez Another post about a coaster someone never rode sucking.

No offence but IMHO that sucks.

No "offense" taken. My problem is with the trains. When you've got numerous enthusiasts saying the ride is extremely rough and basically not rerideable, that IMHO is a coaster not worth relocating.
Umm...The Hcat5 definately did not suck and is more than worthy of relocating - how can you possibly make such statements without having ridden it?!? Who would want any coaster to bite the dust?!? Another hotel tower is better because it won't have plastic trains in the lobby? Yeah, they definately need more of THOSE down there...hopefully you are joking.

I schlepped down to MB from the Northeast during labor day for my first rides on the thing ever. We logged in over 50 rides on that masterpiece and every ride was better than the last one. I didn't mind the trains that much - they are certainly better than Morgan's wood coaster trains (gasp), but I will admit that we could only handle one ride on the back seat since the laterals and tracking made a very intense experience back there to the point where it couldn't be enjoyed. It was a very physical coaster, the way a wild woodie should be - out of control and with a violent temper (ie. Coney Cyclone). The trick to enjoying the ride and being able to stand the intensity of over four dozen wild rides was to sit in the front seat of any of those Gersh cars, even second to back. Great drop out of the station and excellent first drop, some nice negative g's as well and the helices were insanse. Overall just a damn fun ride due to it's location in that great park - the maintenance staff we great and the people riding it were always laughing their asses off when the train hit the breaks. There was always cool vintage rock and roll music blasting into the station from somewhere which made for a cool vibe as well. Even if someone moves it, it will certainly be missed at that great seaside setting. If it's moved, it will be freshly tracked, and with the addition of wood trains to replace the Gershes, it's definately top twenty maybe even top ten material, seriously.*** This post was edited by Rye.D.Ziner 12/7/2006 1:22:55 AM ***

I would agree that the coaster had potential to be a decent coaster, but in it's final season of operation, most found it to be unrideable, including me. I hate to see it destroyed, though. Hopefully someone will buy it and move it, replace the Gerstlauers with a better brand (i.e., PTC's or Millennium Flyers) and maintain the ride the way it should have been in the first place.

As for Pavilion itself, it is really sad to see that it is really going away now. It was Myrtle Beach for many people, not just enthusiasts. Non enthusiast co-workers and friends of mine who visit Myrtle Beach regularly are equally dissapointed in its loss. Unfortunately, a major part of a Myrtle Beach vacation has dissappeared.

I don't know what The town of Myrtle Beach is trying to do. I recall an Article written by a writer in the Charlotte news paper about this say that he was at Broadway at the Beach once and the kids there looked so board. I even remember feeling the same way, but I am not huge on shopping either. While there are all sort of miniture golf courses, the ripley's museum, Family Kingdom (which I thought was not quite as nice as Pavilion), and Nascar Speedpark, The only thing there really is to do for most people there is the beach. It has become a sort of playground for the wealthy, with the condoes and shopping centers. I would much rather be numb in the legs from a ride on Hurricane than numb of the mind because of waiting outside a store while others I may be with are inside, but that is just me!
She needed a little work when I was down there in 04 but I loved it abunch of times back 2 back! Would have loved it even more with PTC trains!!!! After all it was A CCI ! Sorry to see the coaster go she will be missed by some of us.

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