Future of Conneaut Lake Park brighter, thanks to donor

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An Erie business man has purchased over $100,000 in receiver certificates, which the park has been marketing to raise the cash needed to open. Additionally, the donor has agreed to put up $90,000 to purchase new rides, which he will lease to the park, giving the park the opportunity to purchase these rides for half of the cost at the end of the lease.

The article appeared in the Meadville Tribune.

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Apparently, the Meadville Tribune does not keep archived news items on its website, as the above link is now dead. Basically, the article has stated that they are just $2,500 shy of reaching their goal of $250,000 in receiver certificates sales.

The park is intending on adding 3 new rides this year, including:

"Witch's Tempest Stew Brew" - a tea-cup style ride, a Himalaya high speed rocket ride, and a climbing wall. Additionally, they are going to refurbish what the new article called a "pendulum swinging ride," which I believe they are referring to the Ranger.

Pittsburgh, PA
This is awesome. I love to see the little guy win. I'm definately setting some time aside to visit this year.

Thank you for riding America's Roller Coast
This is just one more reason you you should support the Independents.
Yeah, happy news about a smaller, independent park. Great news for all CLP fans.
Smaller independents are getting fewer and fewer in number, it's great to see one looking toward a brighter future.
Much thanks and respect should go out to the "Erie businessman" who purchased all those certificates and took the initiative to lease the rides for the park... because of him, enthusiasts will be able to enjoy CLP this summer (hopefully myself included). With this, and Arnolds Park having been given a log flume from Morey's Pier in NJ, its clear that there are some people who are passionate about smaller, independent parks and their success.
I'm glad to see thing looking up for this park. Maybe Americana will follow in it's footsteps.

I think more people need to get out and support the smaller parks more. Conneaut and Waldamere parks could make a great day or 2 day trip for people living near the Point or SFWOA.

2000 stats: 135 coasters in 26 parks
Not Too Shabby For A Summer
This is really cool. I like CLP. The Blue Streak was the 1st big roller coaster i went on and i loved it the 1st time and i still love it. My hometown park is Waldameer and its been improving every year. The owner really cares about it.I cant wait till they start building the new Ravine Flyer 2 rollercoaster for next year
That's great! I love the old Blue Streak. I've been going there ever since I was around two years old, and I couldn't stand to see the place shut down. I'm glad people pay attention to CLP, wiht CP, SFWoA, and Kennywood all so close. This is great! *** This post was edited by eggs on 3/3/2001. ***
That was very nice. I sure wish I had the money to do stuff like that. :-)

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