Furius Baco: Intamin Wingrider POV

Furius Baco is now open and there is a youtube pov:

Quality is not the best, but it shows small parts of the multi-media pre-launch-show and a good look at the tremendous speed this ride keeps until the very end.

Apart from the new X-style seating (which tends to be very vibrating ans shaky in the outside seats) It is the first launch coaster to stay very close to the ground and even has a drop after the launch.

Did I mention that it looks incredibly fast?

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Whats the point of the weird seating? It looks very fast though. Wow.

I don't get the seating either. Sure, you're farther from the track, but you can still see it, so it's not like it makes you feel as though you're flying through the air without rails. If anything, I think it will lead to problems in the future. Surely the weight of the seats extending from the car chassis isn't going to help it age well.
Wow, I love the presentation before the launch. That seriously looks like a blast, but way too short.
Seems that most launched coasters are a bit too short. Stormrunner is one of the longer ones, and even that's over in the blink of an eye. That's why I'm actually excited to give Maverick a shot- it looks like it solves that complaint of mine.
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The ride time looks short to me but I'm surprised you guys aren't more excited about the seating.

Did you guys say the same thing when they built the first B:TR? No track above you, no track below you, certainly seems thrilling to me. At least it was on X. *** Edited 6/5/2007 8:06:47 PM UTC by matt.***

Yeah, finally a full-blooded launch coaster with more than one element and more of a complete ride time. Honestly I wasn't very excited during the construction of Maverick, but compared with some of the other Intamin launchers, it's a small revelation. I won't be riding it anytime soon, but it looks fantastic.

Furius Baco looks like fun too. It's obvious though that very few parks have 21 million to throw at a new coaster.

That 21 million € price tag is alledgedly sticking on Desert Race/Rita/Stealth too. Are those Intamin launchers coming at a set price? ;)

I really like the way Baco just goes out into the trenches. I am pretty sure that this, the heartline roll and the turn above watersurface will benefit from the exposed seating arrangement.

Is the cost 21 million euros? That would be $28.4 million US.

Personally, compared to Maverick's $21 million US price tag - Cedar Point got one sweet deal.


Yeah I was wrong Maverick won the coaster battle this year.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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^Troy, Knoebels' Flying Turns and Boardwalk Bullet aren't open yet.
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What's the point of the "weird seating"? Not only does it give the rider a sense of being exposed but the neg-g's in the inline roll and any change of direction is enhanced. If you're ridden X or any B&M in the outside seats you know what I'm referring to.

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It's a Wing Walker, not a Wingrider. Where are people getting Wingrider from?
I guess it just seems like, "been there, done that". It's launched, just like a hundred other rides out there. It's got weird seating, a lot like X (a ride that I loathe). Makes sense that personally, I am not really charged up about this ride. When it comes to wood coasters, innovation isn't expected (unless it's "reverse innovation" like the rebuilding of an older ride), but steel coasters need to be innovative... something this ride isn't after all the hype.

That's not to say I don't think it's a good ride- I'm sure it is and would love to find out one day- but I don't see that seating being a great thing now and I'm pretty certain years of use will eventually lead to that seating being more of a headache than an asset.

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^ A ride report i heard was that the outside seats have already a vibration that could become uncomfortable. Otherwise every directional change alledgedly produces massive airtime!

But I must say that everything that changes the boxed in Intamin seating is a welcome change.

I can't wait to ride it in just 3.5 weeks!

-Raptor Crew-

Another video which shows more of the (surprisingly good) pre-show and two different pov positions. One gives you an idea of how close to the walls the outside riders are at some (most) points.


Thanks for the find - awesome. Do you think the ride is overly prone to vibration, or is it the camera and/or the photographer?


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Rob Ascough said:
but steel coasters need to be innovative... something this ride isn't after all the hype.

This is silly. First of all, why do steel coasters need to be innovative? I don't see much innovation at all in what enthusiasts have called the best steel coasters in the world for a while here -


so, I mean....I don't get it. There are plenty of wonderful steel coasters all over the world that aren't innovative in the least.

Second, I don't get the comment about "hype" either. We pretty much knew what this coaster was from the get-go, a launched coaster with a seats-on-the-side configuration with twisty low to the ground turns. I mean I don't know what "hype" about innovation this isn't living up to based on the videos.

I mean it's fine to have a negative opinion about a ride based on personal taste but living in Connecticut the only "hype" I've seen is the occasional thread on internet message boards and construction pics from folks over in Spain. It's not like the park hyped up the ride as one thing and delivered something else.

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