Furius Baco Did it, why not Maverick

Just curious about the missing heartline roll in Maverick. The Intamin ride Furius Baco (wingwalker style) just opened and it has only one element, a heartline roll. Here the riders are way outside the ride and it seems very smooth and not uncomfortable. Why then, would they have pulled this from Maverick? Could they have not lengthened the twist or such? Furius Baco does the element at a pretty good speed as well. Just curious.
Because someone goofed up the design of Maverick's roll.
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Speed wasn't the issue, it was speed combined with the shape and scale of the inversion.

And just for the record I've heard Furious Baco called a lot of stuff but "smooth" isn't one of them. I think a Mr. Rob Ascough predicted that one pretty early on.

Why isn't this thought dead and buried by now? There is a huge difference in the design of both rides. Would you like to have seen Maverick open or not? I think lengthening the heartline roll or whatever would have delayed the ride even further.

You even pointed out that on Furious Baco that the riders are way outside the ride going through the heartline roll. That would have not been the case on Maverick. If you can still find it, find the testing video that shows Maverick going through the heartline roll and ask yourself "Would I really want to ride that knowing that my head or neck would have bashed into the harness at high-speed?" I hightly doubt it.


Furious Baco goes to 11!

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Well even though Furios Baco is an amazing looking ride, im more than satified with Maverick! Roll or no Roll.

However, after riding Maverick I wonder just how intense that heartline roll really was. Some of those transitions, namely the opening sequence and out of the tunnel, are pretty insane. I bet the heartline roll was about as or a little more intense as some of those maneuvers, but was just over the limit. Either way, I still love the ride. *** Edited 7/10/2007 1:00:09 AM UTC by Craig the Coaster Freak***
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Maverick is awesome. Ok, now that thats out of the way let me explain. If you look Furious Baco It does not have a heartline roll it has a in-line twist. And since it is the same company but named differently they are different parts.

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If you check out this video
You can see the inversion is much slower than the trains on Maverick were going through the roll. Also note how shaky the cars seem. I think it will only be a couple of years until Baco is termed uncomfortable. Also, if you saw the video of Maverick testing with the roll, you'd see it wasn't heartlined enough. The top of the cars were whipping around.

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