Funtown/Spalastown USA, Saco, ME 8/22: Hidden Gem Hiding in Plain Sight!

It's been a while, but here is one I gotta write about.

On Wednesday, work was slow, so by 9 AM, the boss says the rest of the day is yours. About that same time, I realized that still had a freebie to Funtown in Saco, ME. At this point, I blasted home, grabbed a few things, and was pointed northbound up the Maine Turnpike.

I arrived at the park around 11 am, and found the parking lot to be 1/3 full, and the weather in the mid 80's with a brisk wind. At first glance, you just see a roadside water park along busy US 1, but the REAL good stuff is beyond what you see. The best way to describe the park is "an impulse buy you won't regret."

The park itself is family-owned, and is VERY clean, from the midways to the grounds, to the spotless restrooms. The staff, who I had a chance to chat with a few, is very knowledgeable about not only the layout, but of the history of the place. From the name tags I saw, a few have been working there 5, 10, 15 or even more seasons.

Normally, I'm hesitant about the food in parks, but I was pleasntly surprized! I grabbed a sausage sub from a stand innocently named the BBQ Pit. The young guys manning a real charcoal grill, warned me since that everything is to order, it would be a few minutes. For a park, I was blown over! Even better, the sub itself was one of the best I've had! Even more shocking, the price ($10 for the sub & a bottle of soda) was about on par with what it would be in a local area resturant!

On to the good stuff:

The park has a nice collection of flats, including some of the hardest hitting bumper cars this side of Knoble's and some nice water slides, what blew me away was their center piece: a woodie called Excalibur.

From the first drop to the brake run, this thing has some wicked g's out of only 55 mph & an 82' drop. There are a couple of places where you get an odd but very cool sensation of negative vertical postive centripital g's. It nearly threw me out one or twice. In fact, I LOVED this thing so much I put in 10 laps on it.

Bottom line, if you ever find yourself near Portland, ME or Portsmouth, NH, take a quick trip & hit this hidden gem. Excalibur ALONE is worth it!

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I haven't been there in quite some time. But, I did love Excalibur!

Jerry - Magnum Fanatic
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Funtown is a nice small park. I normally team it up with a trip to either York's Wild kingdom or Palace Playland.

Great report I'm glad you had a good time. I got a pulled pork Sandwich from that stand on my last trip.

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