Funtown USA & Canobie Lake Park 15th & 17th

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**Funtown Splashtown USA**

Both of the visits to the parks were very short. I spend three hours at Funtown USA and three hours at Canobie. I got to Funtown at 5:00 for the cheap admission and noticed no lines for there 220 foot drop tower Dragon's Decent.

First I went to Dragon's Descent but saw it was having technical difficulties so I looked around for another ride. I saw Galaxi so I took 1 ride with a 5 minute wait. What is it with these coasters. The shake they are rusty and they just don't look safe. The ride was OK but nothing special.

Then I went to Dragon's Descent and got a ride. The ride looks like like it is smaller than 220 but at the top you know it isn't. Overall a fun ride. After that I bought a camera for some pictures of Excalibur and Dragon.

Next I went to Excalibur. When I got there I saw a big sign on one side of it that Welcome American Coaster Enthusiasts. I saw that the events were at Canobie and Funtown on the 9-11 and since I just joined ACE I was a little mad I missed it. Anyway onto the rides. The theme of the rides is King Arthur's Court. Each row of seats says Sir (insert name here) or King Arthur in the front car.

The ride was a walk-on so I got a lot of rides in on it. I took the front for my first ride and right when I went down the first hill I knew this coaster was meant to be ridden in the back. The front was OK but unlike the back it had some awesome airtime.

After that I went on to get 20 rides on it within an hour and a half. During the rides I got to stay on the trains because nobody was there. Down the bottom of the drop in the back is a little bumpy but the ride is awesome in the back. I got some great on-ride pics then left that ride to do something else.

I went on this awesome ride called Astrosphere. It is totally indoors and it is not pitch black but the strobe lights give the effect you will hit into the other car. The actual ride is a flat Orbiter.

Next I went to get dinner. For 6 bucks I got a soda a taco and a churro. Good food. Good price. Then I went and bought and Excalibur shirt and headed for the log flume. It had no line. I didn't want to get wet but I got soaked. It wasn't the splash. They had just turned on the water cannon. Then I got 1 more ride on Dragon's Descent. It was dark so it was a better ride:)

**Canobie Lake Park**

I arrived at Canobie at 10:15 and waited til 11 when Yankee Cannonball opened an hour early. Yankee Cannonball was my sisters 100th coaster. We got the first ride of the day in the front seat. I thought it was a great ride. Right under the top CCI's I have been on. But it is definitely the most under-rated coaster I have ever been on. I quickly got another ride on it in the back and headed for other rides.

We went around to the other coasters but none were open yet. They were supposed to open at 12. It was now 11:30 so I ate a quick lunch. Next I played some skeeball and went to Rockin' Rider. The wait looked long but it was about 10 minutes. I clone of the un-safe Galixi. Basically same ride.

Then I went to Canobie Corkscrew and got one ride. A little rough but a fun ride. This is when I noticed what a great park Canobie is. The flyer's tilt-a-whirl bumper cars water rides. But unfortunately I wouldn't get to ride them:(

I went to the last coaster they had. Kiddie Dragon Coaster. A very interesting layout with some nice speed. This is now my #1 kiddie coaster! What an honor:) After that I went to StarBlaster. The 85 foot S&S drop ride. It was a 10 minute wait. The airtime just ejected me at teh top on the first to times it went up. A lot better airtime then the 200 foot rides but the height is better so I give the edge to the taller ones. I also like the stuff before they launch the ride. Then I sadly left nowing I was missing all those great rides. Anyway a good day and I wish I lived closer:)

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Im very happy to hear you enjoyed canobie, Where did you sit on Corkscrew, i find the back is smooth and the middle is rough, and starblaster does have HUGE airtime the first two times.

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone/B:TDK

I sat near the back.


Did you see the crazy hyper rideops at Excalibur and Dragons Descent?

I thought Canobie Corkscrew was 10 times smoother than Steamin Demon.

I lost my hat on Poison Ivy. How pathetic.

How is Funtown Splashtown? I was thinking about going there. Is Excalibur better than Yankee Cannonball? I love Yankee Cannonball and it's my number two woodie. I live about 3 hours from Funtown Splahtown. Is it worth it?

Were they running two trains on YC?


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S:RoS ( SFNE ) rules!

Nope one train on YC and I would go to Funtown. It is small but a nice park.


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