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Spending way too much time on youtube, watching all kinds of interesting, sick and funny stuff.

Ran across this very funny video of these 2 guys on a slingshot.

There are so many videos that are labeled 'funniest', etc, but this one really made me laugh. Much of it is in the editing I think.

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This is one of my favorite funny ride videos. It's kind of rare, and I bet not many people have seen it.

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Ewww... I feel so... dirty. And weird. *Must erase short term memory*

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That reminds me of Tina, for some reason. lol

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NSFW due to language

"Is this normal...?"

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I call shenanigans. He's seems so laid back about his situation. The first thing I would do if that happened to me is to run the the restroom to clean up, and if that didn't work, I'd race back to the hotel to change.

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LOL I've been laughing about that for an hour. But I would never be laid back about it. I'd be trying to pull that shirt down as low as I could as I could.

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