Funny Coaster Stories

Anyone have any tales from their coaster riding careers? I have a couple:

During the Coaster Zombies trip to CA in 2001, our group took a flight from LA to San Jose. Early in the flight the pilot came on with this announcement:

"We are happy to welcome 20 members of the Coaster Zombies, a group of roller coaster enthusiasts from the east coast. Unfortunately we expect a smooth flight."

And a brief converstation at Hulk at IOA the same year:

Ride Op: (looking at my gray hair) This is a very large coaster.

Me: (wearing a Millennium Force sweatshirt) I'm used to big coasters. They grow them huge in Ohio!


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Roz Stevenson said:

Ride Op: (looking at my gray hair) This is a very large coaster.

Me: (wearing a Millennium Force sweatshirt) I'm used to big coasters. They grow them huge in Ohio!

Ride Op: <pause> I like turtles...

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Waiting in line for Flashback:

Ride op: This is a pretty crummy ride.

Me (wearing my Grizzly shirt): They grow them pretty horrible in Northern California.


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This isn't exactly a coaster story, but while working at CP in '05, I saw somebody wearing a NH Fisher Cats hat. (a local minor league baseball heam up here). I ask the the guy politely if he just happend to be from NH or did he have a chance to visit.

He said he was from Hooksett, which happens to be one town over from me. When I mentioned I was from Bow, he was amazed that he'd run into another Graite Stater out in Ohio, muich less working in the park.

The other funny story I remember was taking one of my coworkers (who was from the UK and had never ridden a wood coaster before) on Mean Streak. I believe his exact words as we hit the final brake run were "Bloody Hell! You trying to kill me?"

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Is the city of Fongers in the Graite State? ;)

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This one time, at ACE Con....

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Mamoosh said:
This one time, at Coaster Camp....


Certain victory.

About three years ago someone had wrote a letter to the editor to the Winchester, Virginia Star newspaer slamming Kings Dominion for having "bear day" making claims that the park had allowed "..a bunch of hairy gay men riding the roller coasters NUDE" and how Kings Dominion took down the American flag in favor of the "gay bear flag. Of course the letter writter quoted scripters from the Bible, how homosexuality was a sin and all that while slamming Kings Dominion at the same time.

A few days after that letter appeared a letter from Kings Dominion had appeared in the paper.While Kings Dominion did admit that the local bear community did have an event at the park the day in question, KD denied the nude roller coaster riding and the hanging of the bear flag.

Kings Dominion also said that the group who was in charge of the event ( Richmond Bears ) only advertised the event in the gay press such as "The Advocate" and "A Bears Life" magazines and being such as small event in the first place ( only 60 guys were involved )..Kings Dominion asked the letter writer in their response, if he was so against gay people why and how would he had known about "Bears Day" in the first place? Whoops !!!

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^He didn't READ the gay men's magazines, he only got them for the pictures... ;)

^^ Next he'll be claiming guys were riding SHOCKWAVE in the nude.

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I farted on Belmont's Giant Dipper.

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A funny one I remember is a Coaster Buzzer I met a few months ago rode BBW and then mentioned later how rough it was.. I laughed for days ;)

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I remember him. What a know-it-all douche!

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Mamoosh said:
I farted on Belmont's Giant Dipper.

Did you hoist a flag, too while you were at it?

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I'd be laughing if I understood what you were alluding to.

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I believe he's alluding to the "Gay Bear Flag," Moosh. ;)


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Ooooooh! Well color me slow.

RGB - I suppose were I a bear, I might have planted one yes.

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Real bears weave their flags out of back hair...

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I don't find this one funny as much as I find it amusing. I have been taking my teenage cousin Chase with me to the park over the last few years. I've finally found someone who can keep up with me at the parks. The amusing part is the sicker we get throughout the day, the more fun we are having, like we are torturing ourselves. We'll be in the restrooms throwing up one minute, and back on the rides the next, all with a smile on our faces. :)

...And who hasn't farted on a roller coaster before? I'd really like to know.


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DantheCoasterman said:
I believe he's alluding to the "Gay Bear Flag," Moosh. ;)

Not necessarily. It could be a pennant from Wottsamotta U. As long as it inspires an impassioned letter to the editor.

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